Oct 29

Users of mobile phones running the new operating system created by Google, Android, now have access to Yahoo Messenger from the preferred terminal.

Yahoo Messenger’s Android application is available for download from Android Market and is compatible with OS 2.0 or later versions, including Droid Motorola, HTC and Google Nexus Incredible One.

Yahoo Messenger App for Android provides multitasking features and a series of notifications, allowing simultaneous use of other mobile applications, so users know which messages gets through Yahoo instant messenger even when not logged.

In addition, they can update your profile, change status and communicate with friends via email, instant messaging (Yahoo Messenger and MSN / Windows Live Messenger) or SMS (for now, only the numbers from Canada, Indonesia, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Thailand, USA and Vietnam). Also available is the whole myriad of emoticons and text formatting functions and can send photos directly from an incorporated camera or built-in image gallery.

Those interested can download their application here.

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