Feb 17

Earlier this month we find some very interesting details about Windows Phone 8 Apollo, while Tango intermediate version it remained a mystery. It is rumored for some time that Tango brings Windows Phone in the low end and will offer to run the OS on handsets with resolutions like 320 x 240 and BlackBerry keyboard. Let’s see what information has now appeared.

With enhancements to the Windows Phone Tango, the operating system will impose some restrictions that exclude phones modest specifications. The most important is that Windows Phone Tango phones will not go less than 256 MB RAM.

Testing WP7 OS on a phone in development, HTC Maza, revealed that it will not work with less than 256MB RAM and it has some drawbacks for those who have less than 512MB RAM on the phone.

Users of smartphones with only 256 MB RAM will have access to all applications and functions Live Tile of third-party applications will update automatically.

These phones will have problems with WP7 and playback high quality video content and their users will be able to manage podcasts on their phone, just a PC, the Zune application. Last but not least, be mentioned and the absence of function automatically upload photos to SkyDrive.

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