Mar 21

It’s still unclear what is updating Windows Phone Tango, especially as to spread the name Windows Phone Refresh lately. Most of the XDA Developers have discovered that WP version brings a new limit of multitasking applications, increasing it at 5-8, thanks to improvements in low memory management system.

Tango also bring improvements in terms of MMS, provides a more efficient contact management on the card and a new icon for the alert on the location. Microsoft now offers information about memory status of the device’s Windows Phone, a counter memory information section of the settings. Updating Tango arrives at existing terminals, with modest equipment, but that hardly after handsets with 256 MB RAM will be launched in China in future weeks.

Tomorrow will be an important day because Tango version officially begins in China and is rumored that Nokia would have a phone or two ready for debut in most Asian countries. It would be interesting to see and new mobile formats, now that they have low requirements, perhaps even a touch screen and keyboard phone like the Nokia E series.

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