Feb 09

Americans from Microsoft have changed the block structure of the future platform Windows Phone 8 code known as Apollo, after the previous version was based exclusively on the history of Windows CE.

This new appearance is trying to become more popular as those managed by Google with Android and will be provided with support for processors with multiple cores and high frequencies that can support resolutions the past years we could only dream of desktop and speeds increasing access to it as easy and intuitive use.

The new Windows Phone Security Chapter 8 will enter a new era that will allow various banking omnipresent lately, will support safe and easy interconnection with other popular electronic devices: laptop, tablet, TV. The new Windows Phone 8 can connect very easily with the desktop version for Windows 8 version because the phone uses some of his older brother source code for desktop and ActiveSync removed from naphthalene in a more improved and accessible version. The new operating system will interact easily with applications such as XBox, SkyDrive and Skype and can be accessorized with thousands of applications to be available in the model Android MarketPlace and IOS.

We hope that people from Microsoft to produce a quality product to recover as quickly as they can the fall from last year and together with Nokia to help each other for a comeback.

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