Mar 18

The first Windows Phone 8 operating system details targeting features, expected towards the end of last quarter of this year, appeared in previews of specialized sites.

It’s about a PocketNow presentation, based on a video made ​​by Joe Belfiore for a number of partners Nokia according to Webnews. According to source, Windows Phone 8 in version called “Apollo”, promises great opportunities, thanks to a 4 new resolutions for display and a major elasticity in terms of hardware requirements, based on a common DNA with Windows 8, which will open around range of compatibility.

The details contained in the presentation include Date Smart project, already described for Windows 8 and extended to WP8, providing intelligent management of traffic and connections, with the objective of assisting users. Another item worth mentioning is the fact that applications can communicate with each other, opening up some interesting opportunities in the world of programmers.

The chosen browser is Internet Explorer Mobile 10, which will use the group servers to compress the flow and reduce transfer time out in a manner similar to that adopted for Amazon Kindle Fire or own Opera browser.

SkyDrive will be the heart of Microsoft’s cloud-computing galaxy and will allow in a particular way that WP8 terminal achieve an update, ensuring consultation and the availability of a large number of resources stored in the “intelligent cloud”.

Last but not least, Skype will offer a greatly improved experience, but this time will be installed as an external application: integration is not a standard, Microsoft continuing its strategy of isolating part of the service, keeping it as part optional.

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