Jan 14

2010 promises to be a year rich in launches, and large companies have already begun a strategic war currently confined to the press conferences. It seems the market that counts and that will make major changes this year is that of communications.

Although Google has built a great challenge in the market for mobile operating systems by introducing Android, a leader is still, Symbian was probably due primarily partnership with Nokia. However, the rise of new rivals appear to be so rapid that it is likely soon to have a different ranking. One of the suitors “the shadow” of the top spot promises to be none other than Windows Mobile 7. Taking advantage of its competitors dull at Mobile World Congress held in February in Barcelona, Microsoft has kept headline with the announcement of their new operating system called Windows Mobile 7, the product will be launched in autumn this year.

What Windows Mobile 7 bring to us ?

It seems that the new operating system will have a graphical interface similar to the current Zune HD media player. GUI will support integration with X-Box game console, the Zune and will have facilities for interacting with social networks. The center includes six thematic People, Pictures, Games, Multimedia, Office Marketplace, and where the user can store and access content and allow connection to Xbox Live games retea.Microsoft wants more control to ensure that it can be used in optimal conditions .

“It’s a complete break from what has been done before, but from what is now, when everyone tries to copy Apple”, said a Microsoft official. Statement is extremely challenging and forces us to take a look at what is already known and so far about Windows Mobile 7 at a glance:
-Lack’s multi-tasking; applications running in the background will be suspended;
-Interface similar to that of the Zune HD with a few minor changes;
-Full integration with X-Box and Zune;
-Full support for connecting to social networks, Facebook and many applications of this kind;
-Exclusion Windows Mobile Device Center. Sync will be available only through Zune Software now;
-No support Flash. Here people from Adobe still analyzing the offer from Microsoft and remains to be seen what will happen;
I do not want to install applications on different media can be downloaded and installed them only on Market Place with the “Try before you buy”;
-It will be run old applications running on old operating systems WM 6, 6.1 and 6.5;
-No support for OEM interfaces. Conclude that Sense UI, SPB Mobile Shell Point UI, Infinity and many others will not be accepted.

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