Mar 24

Electronic parts used in phones have current and voltage limits due to their different resistance characteristics and physical differences. Electronic equipment manufacturers indicate some current values for each piece produced. The excessive or reverse polarity voltage apply to each piece over this value can damage parts. This damage may occur in the form of a physical impairment that can not be noticed by the user generally. For example, tantalum capacity’s, whose parts are small and are preferred because of their high capacity, breakdown occur as a small combustion. However this damage usually can not overflow beyond the covers of the phone. Therefore mobile phone manufacturers select equipments, which are used in their phones, after careful calculations. Manufacturers of these materials select current and voltage limits more than they can endure in their designs to make the human health and safety prior.


Mobile phone manufacturers release different types of batteries for every phone model they have created. Used batteries have lots of critical values like charge voltages, currents, temperatures. These values are revelaed with long-time tests and calculations. All phone manufacturers release different batteries developed for original one’s features and proper for charge control software.

Besides, an insurance is stationed in original batteries and protects it from overflow. It is a protection circuit for overflowing and high voltage which prevents overheating especially in lithium-ion batteries. Targeting the user’s safety and satisfaction, producers take all safety measures needed in original spare parts and accessories.

Unauthorized services and non-genuine parts

What we want to warn mobile phone users are, trying to make your mobile phone repaired by unauthorized persons or a mechanic may cause similar situations. Defects that are happenning in phone’s electronics probably occurs because of the opposite directions have been inserted or removed parts non-original parts to be installed instead of original ones. In addition non-original batteries and chargers lead to this type of burns, serious injury or explosive incidents.

Why are the cell phone batteries explodes?

Pre-existing security measures on the phone,even if battery and charger are original, may have been canceled as a result of the repairs by ignorant people.

For example, As a result of unconscious intervention, overcharging battery may give undesired results even if the cell phone works properly.

If you give your cell phone to unauthorized serviceman or if you are using non-genuine products, you are assumed the all problems.

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