Jul 12

VirusBarrier is the first application from the App Store specially designed to protect our devices for malware and other viruses available for Mac OS X or Windows.

The application is built by the company Intego that says that any Internet-connected device needs such a protection system. Intego recommend VirusBarrier to all persons accessing the documents by mail, Dropbox, MobileMe or any other platforms that can hide files at any viruses or malware. VirusBarrier scans any files accessed by our device, and here we are talking about the attachments from our emails and about the files accessed or downloaded from a server in our device.

Those from Intego say there is no virus for iOS yet but as malware and viruses from the files of our devices can get into computers as soon as we download the files. VirusBarrier is quite an awesome application fopr iOS, if you want to protect yourself and your device just take it.

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