Jul 24

Most of the people live a part of social life through the Internet. So to be up to date with the latest posts of your friends, TweetDeck for Android is the perfect application to carry out this work.

TweetDeck enables users accounts to log into theirs Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, Foursquare and then receive all updated on all accounts. The application is divided into pages according to social network, there is Twitter page, Facebook page, the page posts directly to user in the home page which cumulates all posts from all social networks.

The application has a single post box which works for all networks using a novel way to choose in which network you want your post to arrive. At posting can be chosen the location for services Fourquare, add a photo or choose a contact. I can say that this post way is very convenient.

TweetDeck allows you to choose ways of notification, the ring and data refresh interval. From this point of view I did not see any problem with application that always bring the latest posts from all networks activated by me.

  • Pro:  Whole experience of socialization in one place.

Very clean interface and easy to understand.

  • Cons:   Posting service can be improved.

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