Jan 27

Even if the launch iPad people rushed to criticize Apple’s new device, American PC tablet company succeeded in a very short time to revolutionize the global market trends dictating portables for the next years.

How to use keyboard shortcuts

Writing an email or text with iPad some can be easier if you use these “tricks” for the choice of type. Org,. Net,. Us,. Edu everything you need to do is hold down the “button” . com – will immediately see a menu where you can choose the area you want, not the letter key.

How to display iPad on an external display – video out VGA only

Native iPad main screen can be displayed on a monitor (and this is part of the peculiarities of Apple). The problem can be solved through a jailbreak as those at Cnet say.
Need iPhone (obviously), a dedicated VGA out cable, a monitor or projector (which has VGA input). You need software that makes it possible jailbreak – Spirit. After the jailbreak operation, the screen will appear iPad Cydia icon. In Cydia search (in the Search option) and select DiplayOut (application cost $ 2).
Display out after installing, go to Settings, then Extensions, and here you will find Display Out. I’ll give “Enable”. Connect VGA cable to iPad and you have the picture as desktop wallpaper.

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