Jun 19

Panasonic Toughbook announced the market introduction of its first Android OS tablet dedicated to the business customers.

The new Toughbook tablet will cover a niche in the market of these mobile devices, being a model chassis, for use in companies and other institutions that place value on functionality, durability and security. With all these features, the new Panasonic tablet will meet the needs of a wide variety of users, both from the government, security forces with high mobility of the SMEs, but will be suitable for IT and security managers or Chief Financial Officers.

In terms of functionality, the Toughbook tablet will be equipped with a glossy screen, such as the models already on the market, which is almost impossible to view outdoors. The tablet will have a screen brightness, also visible out in daylight, so mobile users can read information on screen and can operate easily on this tablet. The new tablet will be equipped with an active pen that will allow users working in sales, customer service outlets or phones to record multi-touch signatures screen diagonal of 10.1 inch XGA.

With the broadband mode, the Android tablet will provide quick access to applications and data that could significantly improve the ability of users to make critical decisions to improve services in relation to consumers by delivering results in less time.

Toughbook brand is known for its durability and resistance equipment, even when used in extreme environmental conditions.

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