May 03

With Android, we can fully customize the way we interact and receive notifications, using a 3-rd party application that you can download from the Store. They are particularly useful when we want to respond quickly to an SMS or when we’re playing, and we want to visualize the message to decide whether to interrupt or not the game to respond.

NotifierPro/Plus. It is the most complex of those tested, but this is not necessarily a good thing. It integrates in the system as accessibility service and motorize any application. The interface, in Holo-style, with large buttons, easily accessible, looks good. Like I said, NotifierPro can motorize notifications from any application you have installed. To remove a notification we use left/right swipe gestures with the actions defined for each one. For example, swipe left dismiss current notification and swipe right them all. Then we set themes, with downloadable versions from the Store. NotifierPro provides excellent control behavior. We can set everything from banner’s position, until the vibration, sound, proximity sensor, etc.

SMS Popup.
The same number of configuration options that I noticed at NotifierPro, the big difference is that they can applied only for SMS. To effectively use SMS Popup notifications must first disable standard notifications for messages. Then we can define the characteristics of application in every detail. For the duration of vibration to LED color notification. The interface is handsome, and Holo-style menus are quite easy to access.

Application stand out thanks to Quick Reply function which we use to respond to messages directly from the notification window. Swipe gestures are used to scroll through text unread messages. Another notable feature is preset messages, completely configurable, which you can use when we don’t have time to respond. Resource consumption is relatively small. May get extra points because it is offered free of charge but if you feel generous you can purchase at a modest price, Donate version.

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