Jul 31

5. Vaulty Free Hides Pictures

Manufacturers say that Vaulty Hides Pictures Free is the best application dedicated to those who want to hide certain images and videos from phone. Undoubtedly, most of us have at least one picture that we want to hide from prying eyes of the wife, girlfriend and boyfriend. In this case, we can simply install the application and choose compromising files that we want to put the shelter.

4. Flash Player 10.2

The latest version of Flash is recommended for those who want a complete Web experience. Unfortunately, as you know, the flash consumes enough resources, and owners of Android devices with lower processing power will encounter some problems.

3. Facebook for Android

Even the so-called mobile “dumb” without advanced operating platform, integrates today the famous Facebook. Therefore, such application could not do without a system like Android. Unlike the simple versions for phones, Facebook for Android is presented in a format very similar with Web browsers like PC, Mac or Linux.

2. YouTube

YouTube does not need any presentation. Clearly, all smartphone owners should have installed this application. In addition, the interface is optimized for the screen.

1. Kakao Talk

With over 10 million users, Kakao Talk is positioned in the top of Android applications. Those who want to communicate for free with friends, using only data traffic can turn with confidence to Talk Kakao. Group chat application supports an unlimited number of users, including a voice warn to users if they receive a message.

This top of Android Applications is according to the Android Market (until now). Besides them, there is more other useful software that deserves to be included in this top: DropBox and Shazam.

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