Jul 30

Android is increasingly appreciated by global users. One reason is that Android devices find its place and affordable, not just high-end smartphones (such as iOS or iPhone with Windows mobile Phone 7). Of course, the main reason why people are interested in Android is the large number of applications that can be downloaded free.

For this I create an article with “Top Android applications in 2011” that I considering appropriate for those who want to buy a smartphone with Android. Undoubtedly, those who already have such a terminal already know which are the most popular applications.

10. Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer or, in short, ATK is an application that almost all users of Android smartphones is using. Why? Because it solves the problem of memory consumption when multiple applications are open.

9 . Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is very appreciated by drivers in the U.S. and Canada. Program on the map indicates the closest gas stations, but also provides information on fuel prices. Thus, you wouldn’t get fool when you refuel at a higher amount, for a few miles away to give over a cheaper petrol station. Prices are reported even by users, members of the Gas Buddy. There is even a prize for the most active of them.

8.  Horoscope

Astrological predictions lovers will like this application that offers horoscope daily, weekly or even monthly.

7. WhatsApp Messenger

With this program you can send free SMS. The application supports file transfer including multimedia (images, video and audio). The only condition is that the recipient has to be installed with Messenger. For those interested, there are versions of iOS platforms, BlackBerry and Symbian OS.

6. Free Music Downloader

Free Music Downloader uses a search engine that enables you to download millions of free MP3s. The application has a file organizer.

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