Feb 12

Microsoft plans to make new Windows 8 more attractive to business travelers. Waiting for the new operating system, Windows Mobile Store offers many applications, useful for business. The best of them, freely available, are presented in the top 10 business applications for Windows Phone, according to ZDNet.


A complete application for creating lists of tasks, Tasks offers the option of synchronizing with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. Priority tasks and recurring alarms can be easily organized. Users can attach photos and voice recordings of each task and can be easily sent by email to the contact list.

Professional IN + Networking

LinkedIn, the largest professional social network is integrated seamlessly into the application in + Networking. Options include viewing contacts, send messages, and organize groups and real-time updates.

QR Business Card

For companies that want to have a green image, waste of paper cards disappears with their transition to digital. Digital cards made ​​with QR code can be read easily by most Smartphones and includes list of information.

Concept Mapper Lite

Best ideas are not always coming at work. Concept Mapper Lite is a useful tool for creating graphs of ideas and save them either in phone or in cloud or sending email. The application includes compatibility with SharePoint and is also available for purchase, with more options.


One of the most useful applications for those who prefer to take notice not to rely solely on memory, Evernote allows you to add text notes, audio and photos. Data reach the cloud, where it can be accessed from any device.


Scanned documents can be easily aligned and edited using Handyscan application. The free version allows you to upload their cloud services, but the option to convert to PDF or email application requires you to pay.


Microsoft cloud services they have access to all Windows Phone smartphones offer better manage the data. Files can be easily sent to staff and users have viewed documents and recent history.


Application of financial organization, the accounting firm moBudget can not replace the accountant but is useful for rapid planning budget, with graphics and tables. Revision history retains charge of the bank card used for business.

Lync 2010

The application provides direct access from the phone to Lync Server or Office Online. Online messaging option for audio conferences is included, along with other useful options for the business segment.


With a database of over 1,000 airlines, Skyscanner is the perfect tool to instantly find the best route flight or for business trips. Includes updates on flight delays and offers can be found easily sent by email to be consulted later.

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