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Android is a rich platform that seems almost impossible to experience everything that runs on offer. We compiled a list of three tips sites that will make life in relationship with operate system from Google. So whether you are the fresh owner of a Android device, may consider the option of purchasing a gadget Android’s tips below will help you optimize your system you prefer.

How to back up an Android phone

Android does not provide native backup service, so you get to ignore the need for a backup. Here are the steps you must follow to take your precautions:

Go to Settings> Privacy and make sure the option “Back up my settings” and “Automatic restore” are checked. In step two, go all in Go to Settings> Accounts and sync, open your Gmail account and check all options. With these settings, contacts, system settings, applications, calendars and e-mails will be restored whenever you set an Android phone with the same Gmail account.

How to figure out which applications consume the most

If you spend the most time in motion, then you spend very much time on you Smartphone and as Android Market has a multitude of applications and features, is easy to get their prey, without realizing that you consume more power. But how do you know which of Android applications use the most? Follow these steps:

1. Open the main area of ​​the phone settings by pressing Menu and then choose Settings.

2. Do scroll until you reach the option “About Phone” and select it.

3. Choose “Battery Use”.

4. Look over and see the list of applications that use the most battery. “Display” will probably be the largest energy consumer.

5. If one of the applications you are not using at the time you consume the most battery, you can select and click “Force Stop”.

If you are a fan of applications, you should visit this menu to see how many energy use each program.

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