Feb 04

In this article we’ll try to present some tips for saving your mobile phone battery. By appliyng these indications you can extend the life of the battery:

– If you have a phone with Wi-Fi connection close when no longer used. Most people forget the connection open after using it.
– The above advice applies if you forget your Bluetooth connection on.
– Always turn off 3G when not in use, use it only when needed.
– Try to use function “vibration” as rare as it uses a lot of energy.
– Turn down the volume keys and ring tones as much when you are in a peaceful environment.
– Reduce as much brightness. The phone uses enough energy to light, especially in the visible touch-screen phones (with large screens).
– Some phones can be programmed as X at Y time to stop lighting keyboard, ex.Samsung E250. Others can be programmed to stop vibration and ring tones in a certain time frame.
– Try to use a background as simple as animated backgrounds (*. Gif) uses more energy.
– Try to load the phone only when it discharged – this advice was particularly true for NiMH batteries, but it seems that newer Li-Ion have a longer life if charge/discharge cycle is observed.
– In the user’s phone, you will find the battery temperature limits functioning normally. Try, if possible, to respect (the phone will not feel good summer looked in the car, but no winter to below 0 degrees)
– If you are a gaming enthusiast phone remember one thing: you will reduce the period of stand-by, so do not be surprised when your battery will take far less than you used. Games use much CPU, along with the LCD are the largest consumers of energy from a phone.

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