Mar 23

Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia has applied for a patent to solve the biggest worry mobile phone users. This is battery issue.

The patent application under the name of  “Kinetic Piezoelectric Energy Harvester” based on recharge itself with producing electricity when the user’s mobile phone pocket or his hand.

For this job, a special battery and a second layer case is required. So that means mobile phone will be a little heavier. Two cases will move in each other and piezoelectric crystals will be end of the this rays. So condenser will be charged with movement energy’s given to electrical energy. Condenser will also charge the battery.

This has great advantages compared to the solar energy. For example, we will use at night.

LG Android mobile: GW620

LG Electronics’s first smart phone with Android operating system (Smartphone) LG GW620 is introduced.

Social Network Services Manager of LG GW620, users can easily check the status of friends, can leave comments or can be updated remotely on their own social networking sites.

Social Network Services Manager brings together person’s social network needs on a single platform. Users can view the updates from friends while searching the phone’s contact list and users can go to their website directly if they want.

Auto Face-Tagging and Face To Action technologies only in LG GW620 and never forget the faces! In this way, friends and family just a finger touch away. Users can easily load photos with touching the faces on the screen. Furthermore, users can use variety of remotely functions like SMS, MMS or voice contact.

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