Oct 18

The case from the image above is called the unibody and is definitely one of the most exciting products ever for a laptop. Apple is working with a company called Catcher Technology to produce this type of housing and unfortunately the company was forced to temporarily close their business because they do not follow the rules on environmental protection.

The taiwanese company produces cases for both unibody MacBook Pro and MacBook Air as well as at the moment some of its production line was closed by the government of Taiwan. The company has already announced that there will be delays partners regarding the delivery orders and Apple will surely be affected.

In an emergency announcement on Sunday night, Taiwan’s Catcher Technology, one of the world’s biggest makers of metal casings for notebook PCs, said it had been ordered to close part of its plant in China’s Suzhou province by regulators, after local residents complained of bad odours generated by the plant.

Catcher Technology course will now rush to remedy problems and enter the legality but until this happens and you may see an increase in delivery time for the MacBook’s available in Apple stores. If you place an order in the near future for a MacBook you can expect to be delivered with some delay.

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