Sep 19

Introducing the iPhone 5 device is nearing and on the Internet begins to appear increasingly more pictures that allegedly show the future design or functions of the device from Apple. Today I have for you a picture that shows you what appears to be the motherboard of iPhone 4S and 5 device that has a A5 chip installed. This A5 chip is implemented in the iPad 2 tablets and has a dual-core processor of 1 GHz which is rumored to be implemented on the iPhone 5 and the image above would have to prove it.

The image was published on the Weibo website, Twitter’s brother in China, but yet no one could confirm that it is accurate. This image has a not very good resolution; writing on the chip is a little weird so we can not say that we have clear evidence that the iPhone 5 will have a A5 chip. Near the motherboard there is a battery that could be of iPhone 5 but is marked part of its capacity, more exactly appears the mark mAh x430 mark.

iPhone 4 has a 1420 mAh battery though Apple officially says it could be the battery for iPhone 4 or perhaps a prototype for iPod Touch. Even if the above picture does not confirm 100% sure that the iPhone 5 has a A5 chip, theoretically the device should have the same hardware configuration as iPad 2.

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