Sep 04

Best Buy, one of the largest U.S. retailers, is ready for a possible launch of iPhone 5 on October 21. Those from BGR has managed to obtain some additional information about the event ready to Best Buy and found that the retailer will open on early October pre-orders for iPhone 5. The rumor is consistent with the other rumors that come last month claiming that Apple will open the pre-orders of iPhone 5 at the end of September and will launch the device in early October.

What’s a tad bit more interesting, however, is the mention (and further anticipation) that Sprint will be carrying the iPhone 5 at launch. Best Buy makes sure to note that Apple product introduction and launch dates are subject to change, but a preorder date changing is pretty different from a new carrier getting a phone for the first time.

Besides the information on preorders open by Best Buy, BGR has found that the mobile operator Sprint will launch the iPhone 5 in its network so there are big chances for device to be the “world mode” and to work on any network in the world. Recently I heard so much information about the iPhone 5 that in the next week we should see the sent invitations to conference presentation of the iOS 5 and the new device. Now that the possible launch period was largely drawn, it only remains to see what will bring the new device.

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