Sep 26

A few weeks ago the news of the loss of a new iPhone prototype device round the world, the police from San Francisco search a house were involved the Apple employees. Eventually the incident was found to be about the iPhone 5 device, police from San Francisco is one who unwillingly confirmed this.

The members of the police claimed that an internal investigation in this case will be turned to reveal the involvement of police in search of the house of a man who is believed to hold the iPhone 5 prototypes.

In this investigation, police from San Francisco have asked the bar owner that allegedly lost the iPhone 5 to offer the video recording from the loss night, but they did not return after the request to take evidence.

The investigation carried out now has in the foreground, perhaps, the detectives of the police internal affairs service because a police spokesman in San Francisco did not know anything about videos on demand.

Perhaps those records will elucidate how it occurred, if something happened, and it would be interesting to see if Apple lied, or they really lost a prototype of the iPhone 5. This is the only interesting thing in this case given that more than two weeks should see the device for the first time.

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