Apr 22

The new iPhone that is launching in June with the iPhone OS 4.0 software won’t support Adobe Flash Player. The photo above is an iPhone 4G prototype that a tech site, Gizmodo bought from someone who stole it from an Apple employee. Apple, Inc. can include Flash Player support in the new iPhone 4G, but they have chosen not to. Why has Apple chosen not to support Flash? We don’t know the exact reason, but reports are saying that it may be because Apple believes Flash Player is buggy.

Apple supports HTML 5, and they expect websites using Flash Player to switch to the new HTML 5 format. YouTube will definitely work because it supports HTML 5, but other sites like Hulu may not work unless they start converting their videos to HTML 5 format. Apple’s competitors, including Palm, and Google will have Flash Player support for their smartphones later this year. If you want Flash Player, I suggest you start looking for another phone. Apple won’t be adding Flash Player support any time soon.

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