Aug 28

Starting with iPhone 3GS where it have a system with voice command called Voice Control that allows us to activate various functions through a simple utterance of words in our iDevice microphone. Unfortunately Apple’s system is more than rudimentary at the moment so engineers working on a new one that allows running many more commands than ever before.

Of course we are talking about a patent that describes a system that would be recognize by users with tone of voice and depending on the user, then you can load some system settings and should display some information on the media. Virtually every iDevice could be customized specifically for each user and may display only certain information depending on which user is recognized.

Since Apple is a company that is limited to simple things, the new voice system would be capable of giving us access to functions within some applications. For example, we give a command to run the most played songs in the last days, an order to run a song in iPod application that has a good rating or we could perform a function that normally would require opening an application. Again we have a very interesting patent from Apple but unfortunately I do not think that will find its “home” in any iDevice soon.

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