Dec 11

Soon it will fulfill two months since iOS 5 is available to users and from when we do not have an untethered jailbreak solution available. In desperation to make untethered jailbreak or jailbreak for for their own iDevice, some users are willing to buy and download any alleged jailbreak solutions.

Some pay tens of dollars on solutions that do not work, while others get all kinds of dubious sites of some false “jailbreak teams” and download programs that infect computers with malware, keyloggers, viruses, etc…

If you start to download jailbreak solutions that you not have heard then think well before you run this program on your computer. If you do not have antivirus or you have a weak antivirus it might to wake up with a infected computer by a malware that might steal personal data and could send them to the server of some hackers.

This kind of practice is for several years on the internet and not infrequently there were users who complained that their computers infected with viruses or malware after they have used.

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