Jul 22

Each Android phone must have a capable multimedia player. We search recently on the Market for a good player, but we didn’t found something to handle many formats and also to have a very good interface. Because of this I have to say that we choose the best three players, namely:

The QQPlayer is winning the video formats supported (recognizes and. Avi)-interface is very simple: only include film position control, sound control, battery level and the clock. We can also set the scaling film factor, namely the original film or enlarge to “fill” the screen;

The Meridian has a nice interface and the TAB’s included can be selected in order-Playlist, Folder, Video, Music and Toolkit. Interesting is the music tab where you can sort all MP3s by Artist, Album, Genre, All Playlist and Writer. Very nice is that it can define gestures with functionalities. Unfortunately subtitles are available only with Pro version.

The mVideoPlayer – last but not least has filtering options, search options for IMDB, subtitles and poster for the film, is also interesting option to change screen brightness as well as video tab to adjust the zoom options throughout the film screen. One feature that I didn’t find at other players is the ability to set the font size or color to its option and resume a movie by simply moving the phone (of course only those that have accelerometer).

To finish with a conclusion, I would personally choose the pure functionality of mVideoPlayer but I want an update of its future to include codec for the format. I hope that you can decide what kind of multimedia player to choose from my article.

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