Dec 21

A mobile operating system is good only if there are developers who believe in it and develop applications for its applications store. In this year iOS was by far the preferred platform by the application developers in the war Android vs iOS, the platform of Apple won certainly. Comparing the projects for applications started on the two platforms in Q3 2011 over three quarters of projects were started for iOS and not for Android OS platform.

While the market nearly doubled for both platforms, we believe key events changed the proportion of support between these two platforms.  Of particular note, Apple expanded distribution for iOS devices beyond its long-standing exclusive with AT&T to include Verizon in February and Sprint in October.

The information is coming from Flurry, a company that analyzes the data sent of over 55,000 companies who use its software. It is well known that the App Store of Apple generates more money than Google’s Android Market and probably from this reason iOS won in Q2 of 2011 the confidence of some developers of applications for Android. Finally Google can not yet compete with Apple to attract developers to its platform and probably will not ever be able to do this but at least it tries.

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