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Oct 05

Zune was the “answer” from Microsoft for the iPod of the Apple Company, but after several years of struggle the giant from Redmond decided to remove the Zune production. In years when the products of the two companies were available on the market, the iPod from Apple had a much greater popularity, is the device which has generated a radical change in how were built the portable music devices.

Currently, Microsoft continues to offer Zune interface and options on Windows Phone 7 and only the company smartphones and consoles will get software updates with improvements while Zune owners can download’s only new versions of software that will solve existing problems.

We recently announced that, going forward, Windows Phone will be the focus of our mobile music and video strategy, and that we will no longer be producing Zune players. So what does this mean for our current Zune users? Absolutely nothing.

It took a lot of Microsoft to recognize his defeat, but the company management took the decision due to the low sales likely that the device would have had lately. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft president, is increasingly challenged in recent years and it is possible that the Zune is not the only thing that Microsoft will drop dead.

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Jun 26

If we limit ourselves by now to think that Nokia will show their first phones with Windows Phone 7 in October at the Nokia World Conference, behold, the wait ended earlier than we had hoped.

The disclosure of the first Nokia phone with Windows Phone 7 was made by CEO Stephen Elop, who by negligence or not showed the prototype that it was in possession of a group of people, who asked not to take pictures in advance.

Even if the pictures are not as clear as we hoped, however, they give us a few precious details. The first Nokia Smartphone with Windows Phone 7 adopt a sober design, the shaped Nokia N9. Construction of housing is slim with rounded edges and the screen is protected by Gorilla Glass.

On the back of the case we see a camera with LED flash, and the sides we have a flap to adjust volume, dedicated photo button and a switch for the screen lock function.

From the few data available we learn that the prototype codenamed Sea Ray works on Windows Phone 7 Mango, version promised for the users on autumn.

Aug 15

Would you like to read RSS feeds on your mobile phone? Maybe you need to know that reading RSS feeds on your mobile phone will be very easy if you have an RSS Reader application. Weave is one of the RSS Reader app that you can use to read RSS feeds from websites you like directly from your Windows Phone 7.

Like most of the RSS Reader, Weave lets you read RSS feeds by entering RSS Feed from your favorite website. Then, you’ll be able to get the latest news from your favorite websites on this RSS Reader. See how Weave RSS reader work on your WP7 here.

Aug 15

In playing a game, sometimes we get bored with games that are too complicated or waste our time to use our brain. If you want to play a simple game on your Windows Phone 7, TouchMeQuick is the recommended simple game for Windows Phone 7 users.

The goal of TouchMeQuick for WP7 is you need to touch the square on this game with a border about it and to keep away from without. TouchMeQuick count up from 20 for every square you touch, and then you will get a time in seconds when it gets down to 0. It is very easy, right?

You can watch how to play TouchMeQuick for WP7 on Youtube.

Aug 09

With the help of a GPS receiver, you can use the Marathon as a Windows Mobile application to track your movements. Marathon is available for Windows 7 and you can purchase this Windows Mobile app for $ 3.99 on Marketplace. Marathon has some interesting features for users of WP7 are doing a lot of outdoor activities.

Some outdoor activities that can be assisted by Marathon WP7 app are including running, skiing, or ice skating. Just like a stopwatch, you can define when the purpose of comparing it with one of the previous results. In addition, Marathon has the ability to display data such as time, distance, speed and altitude as well.

Learn more about Marathon for Windows Phone 7 here.