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Dec 13

Siri is one of the most “discussed” functions of the new iPhone 4S device but for now is available in beta version to users. Even so, Apple is working constantly to improve services and would soon bring even on Macs, at least this say an American analyst.

He bases his statements on that right now Apple engineers are looking to improve Siri system and in the information provided by Apple specifies that employment are closely looking for people who know the system Mac OS X.

A second possible explanation for the implementation of the assistance Siri in Macs is in the hypothetical launch of an iMac that I can use as a TV and I could control the system through Siri. Of course this is a very bizarre idea but has been widely discussed by analysts last week.

 Finally the Siri functionality is in part implemented in Mac OS X for years but not in a similar format to the iOS and should not be excluded that Apple to port Siri on Macs but that maybe in next years when the assistant will not be one of the main functions of a recently released iDevice.

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Dec 03

Samsung Galaxy S II is presented by several sites as the smartphone of 2011 and all this with a month before the end of the year. If we look at things objectively the choice is good but the simple fact that it is only fair.

iPhone 4 could not be chosen the phone of the year (because it won the title in 2010 and still was an old product), iPhone 4S could not be elected because it was launched only in October and was observed mainly through Siri and a lot of problems and other Android devices to merit the title doesn’t exist.

This year Samsung Galaxy S II is the smartphone of the year because is stronger than the iPhone 4 in terms of performance and because Apple has delayed the launch of the iPhone 4S months so it gave enough time for S II to “perform” on the market. If the iPhone 4S was launched in June of 2011 the things were different but in my view Galaxy S II worth to won the title this year.

As a consolation for Apple, iPad 2 was chosen as the tablet of 2011 and the product of 2011 and MacBook Air of 13 inch was chosen as the laptop of the year.

Nov 29

A week ago we found that iOS 5.1 could bring more functions for Siri personal assistant and with his help we can take pictures, record videos, open applications, but the first beta version of the new operating system does not let you to understand that this thing will take place. In the changelog for iOS 5.1 beta 1 Apple tells developers of iOS applications that are available a new series of APIs that integrate the applications into 3rd party some system functions after dictation of Siri.

A source confirmed to Ars that a handful of the new iOS 5.1 APIs allow developers to specifically handle the response from Siri’s speech-recognition servers. These APIs don’t allow developers to integrate Siri support for controlling an app the way that Apple has with, say, Messages or Reminders. But it does open up the possibility to better handle text dictation input.

Unfortunately Apple does not give us too much in this version of iOS 5.1 beta 1 but that does not mean that Siri functionality will be extended to the official release of iOS 5.1. Apple has a habit to change things in the last minute so maybe two or three beta versions we shall see later really useful features available for Siria and developers.

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Nov 08

Apple is testing Siri on the iPhone 4 but the assistant will not get on the old devices of the Cupertino company. Well today I will say that iOS 5.0.1 beta found information that Apple employees imply that Siri testing on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad tablet.

Given the availability of information you think that Apple is already preparing the launch of Siri Assistant for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad tablet, right? Well no, because although Apple employees test Siri on various iDevice, the assistant will not reach on old terminals because Apple wants to offer exclusively on iPhone 4S.

It seems that Apple is preparing some interesting things for Siri and A4 chip is not powerful enough to run the assistant without any problems. Siri now works without the slightest problem on iPod Touch 4G and iPhone 4 and many find it hard to believe that the future will not involve the assistant Siri’s in iDevice.

Well it seems that you have to get used to the fact that Siri will not get on the old devices without jailbreak and it is possible that in the future to implement new features that Apple will not run on the A4 chip from iPod Touch 4G and iPhone 4.

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Nov 06

In a hearing held under an investigation by a subcommittee of the Senate, Eric Schmidt acknowledged that Siri could be a threat for Google. The former CEO and current chairman of the board of Google, said that Siri could be a “Google Killer”, the technology launched by Apple is a great great progress in the field of artificial intelligence and that Siri could be just the first step that Apple makes the search engine market entry on the web.

Even in the few weeks since the hearing, Apple has launched an entirely new approach to search technology with Siri, its voice-activated search and task-completion service built into the iPhone 4S. Apple’s Siri is a significant development—a voice-activated means of accessing answers through iPhones that demonstrates the innovations in search. Google has many strong competitors and we sometimes fail to anticipate the competitive threat posed by new methods of accessing information.

Schmidt’s statements come in the context in which he was trying to provide Google as a company not so strong in the U.S. market. Schmidt is trying to highlight the power of its competitors, claiming that Google has a monopoly on web search engine market. It was rumored that Siri would seriously affect the revenue collected by Google in the ads because users do not access searches but to make direct use Wolfram Alpha platform using Siri. I think that Syria is very far from being a “Google Killer” and I think in the near future we will see a system similar to Android OS.

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