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Apr 09

It seems it’s innovation week, so after Google Glass Project glasses now Samsung announced an evolution of its flexible screens. Displays shall have a name now – Youm, and Korean manufacturer promises that this technology has evolved quite a lot that can be implemented soon.

Samsung Youm was already patented together with the technology name WAMOLED, PAMOLED and TAMOLED and now is rumored that we will see the first device with a flexible screen this year. Below you see the action which gives a prototype of the future mobile terminals. The new screens are not only interesting because they are flexible, but also because they are very durable, lighter and thinner. The result will be a series of phones and tablets and slimmer body flexible, perhaps even watches/bracelets that are mobile, a theme often explored by concepts.

Samsung can achieve this performance by removing as many layers of display, especially the solid and glassy ones. The result is Youm that has four layers: Polariser, Encap, Organic and film TFT. The first terminal display that we expect at the end of 2012, with the possibility to delay until early 2013. Can you imagine a flexible Galaxy S IV?

Apr 04

November news has arrived from Korea and announces the commissioning of the screen reserved for Galaxy S III.

The screen produced at Samsung Mobile Display measures 4.65 inches and supports HD resolution. Unlike the one installed on Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the new screen has a classic RGB matrix instead of PentTile one, superior in terms of detail displayed. With a density of 316 ppi, almost as much as the Retina Display of iPhone 4S, the screen with Super AMOLED Plus technology promises a higher level of clarity and more work space, measured in an effective resolution of 1280×720 pixels.

Other unconfirmed information can submit a ceramic housing for Galaxy S III, more handsome and more durable than the plastic glossy or textured ones preferred for most current models. The body of about 7 mm thick would hide a latest quad-core processor, along with accessories such as NFC module for electronic payments.

Stock rumors revealed more details about the mysterious Samsung GT-9300. This is indeed a medium Smartphone, different from Galaxy S III, which could enter the market with the name Samsung Galaxy M.

Galaxy M’s configuration seems to be centered around a dual-core processor running at 1.4 GHz based on Exynoss and GPU Mali 400M. 4 inch diagonal display supports a wide resolution less common: 600×1024 pixels.

The launch of Samsung Galaxy S III remains uncertain, with some expectations for the period of April, but with no real confirmation from Samsung.

Feb 24

Samsung is preparing a replacement for the current Exynos chipset, available in two versions:  dual-core and quad-core.

The new manufacturing process is exchangeing in favor of to 32 nm instead of 45 nm and managed according to internal testing to provide a performance increase of 26% compared to its predecessor, while improving battery life by 34-50%. And the video performance is improved by about one quarter.

Samsung has chosen for the new chipset to optimize energy consumption first and not to aim for maximum performance, thus allowing smartphone models with better battery life, or even a slim and lightweight construction, obtained by using smaller capacity batteries. However, quad-core Exynoss processor version will try to compet with of the Tegra 3 chipset from Nvidia, launched since late last year.

We’ll see if Samsung is confident enough in the performance of the new chipset to offer a live demo at Mobile World Congress next week.

Jan 16

The first mobile phone with QWERTY keyboard and DUOS Samsung Ch @ t 322 offers businessmen on the move and those who communicate than text messaging, mobile best options when traveling. Whether you use two phone numbers or enjoy the benefits of different tariff plans, access to two SIM cards will help you communicate more convenient twice. Enjoy anytime, anywhere access to e-mail to your favorite social network site and even instant messaging! QWERTY keyboard enables typing, while the optical joystick and menu shortcuts make navigation very easy! Always be connected – with business partners, friends and family!

Access two SIM cards simultaneously! combined power and connectivity advantages of the two mobile phones in one! Whether you want to separate the personal phone service, better coverage when you travel or take advantage of favorable tariff benefits, DUOS function makes it easier and more accessible. Why manually change SIM cards when your phone does everything automatically?

Being connected is very important – for business and personal level! Therefore, this phone will allow access to social networking sites your favorites, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can even communicate and instant messaging. The shortcuts and real-time updates available on your screen, you are always aware of the social. Managing e-mail is easier than ever – automatic function makes it so you do not have to constantly check for new e-mails received. The Samsung is very easy to keep up with your social life!

Samsung Ch @ t 322 is improved only with perfect features to keep connected socially, but professionally, and improved interface makes it easy to use! Optical trackpad will facilitate and speed up the browsing menu. Explore the world more intuitive and comfortable furniture.

Jan 11

You can enjoy the advantage of owning two phones, using a single compact mobile phone. Excellent telephone separating private business, this mobile phone with Dual SIM gives you the freedom to choose between SIM cards making phone calls and take When advantage of optimal tariffs of the operator.

You can keep the look professional – from mobile phones personality. DUOS Samsung Star II has a sophisticated design and slim profile of 12.2 “which easily fits in your pocket or in your hand for comfortable portability. The large 3.2” is perfect for office documents, photos and more.

TouchWiz 3.0 has advanced features, including screen lock that protects the phone from accidental introduction of information. Also, bookmark shortcuts and toolbar widgets bring the reach of most useful and most used functions. Also, you can manage applications in 10 pages expandable to home screen and main menu and you can easily control Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings. When making updates to SMS and SNS, Ticker Notification will announce without interrupting work.

You keep up with your social life easier than ever. By e-mail, SNS, IM or SMS notifications and updates are integrated into mobile phone for you to be constantly in touch with your social circles without needing a computer. You can quickly view the types of messaging, e-mail accounts, instant messaging programs and more, so that information is simple.

You will have access to mobile service applications, they can be productive even when you are at work. When you receive an urgent e-mail, you will be notified immediately with push support. Document Viewer lets you open and view documents on your phone service without the need for PC. Entering text is quick and easy, thanks to T9 dictionary. Web surfing is not limited to a computer. Now you can easily access websites from anywhere you have Wi-Fi b / g / n Internet.

You will enjoy various features that will enhance the mobile experience. An integrated camera photos made ??easy. Whether connecting with friends through social networking sites, to download different useful applications and entertainment or play games, you will enjoy liaising and fun in work breaks during trips or trips the business. Files can be stored on microSD card and easily transferred to PC via Bluetooth 3.0 and micro USB device.