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May 06

Let’s face it: Samsung Galaxy S III does not look as good as we wanted. And not that we imagine fanciful designs, but the phone seems more reminiscent of a Corby when it’s viewed from behind. Rounded forms and housing plasticizers have made plenty of fans to whine. We have five ways that Galaxy S III could look better. We will demonstrate on the basis of concepts.

1. Edge to edge screen, capacitive buttons

It’s simple, we have here a concept that is involving a long terminal, with edge to edge screen, capacitive buttons and a metal casing, or even a metal protective area around the screen, to give them strength and to avoid chipping. Bonus, we have a 12 megapixel camera and 1080p.

2. Large width

This image made headlines on the Web in December 2011 when it was rumored that it’s the new Galaxy S III. Apparently we have here a 5-inch screen terminal, clear edge to edge, some very interesting icons in the bottom of the screen, 1080p resolution and 12 megapixel camera. Phone case looks fantastic, is metallic and matte.

3. Borrowing from Nokia N9

It seems to me that this version borrow some things from Nokia N9. Physical Home button it’s kept and we have a protruding rear foot, which reminds me of Samsung Galaxy S II. The phone has a metal frame around it, which gives an elegant look.

4. A different Galaxy Nexus (square shape)

Imagine a square frame for Galaxy Nexus, thinner, and possibly high resolution and 12 megapixel camera. The buttons are capacitive and also we have Android 4.0 available.

5. Surprise!

Yes, that’s the way that Galaxy S III could look better, being close to the design of the HTC One X. HTC pleasantly surprised us with this phone, while Samsung hasn’t amazed us at all.

May 04

I’m sure that if you watched the news in the last 24 hours you know by heart what does the Galaxy S III have for us. We are dealing with a phone with a 4.8 inch screen, Super AMOLED technology and bearing a 720p resolution. Note that this is a Super AMOLED screen and not Super AMOLED+, so 720p panel comes with Pentia RBGB pixels arrangement just like Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II HD LTE. In the pictures below you can see a microscopic comparison between these screens.

Analysis was performed with an USB microscope with 230x zoom and the first comparison took place with HTC One X  and its SLCD2 720p. Note that HTC One X’s denser sub pixels produce a clearer picture, but it is lower than the Galaxy S III at contrast chapter, especially when it comes to black. In comparison with the Galaxy Nexus, we have here two very similar terminals, one screen of 4.65 inch with AMOLED Super HD and one with the same screen, same resolution, but the 4.8-inch diagonal. Pixel density is slightly smaller on the new Galaxy S, but the difference is imperceptible to the human eye.

It seems that Samsung reduced the red pixels, judging by microscopic analysis, but personally I do not see any relevance in this. Then comes the great duel between Galaxy S III, Galaxy S and Galaxy S II. Galaxy S offers a range of 4-inch AMOLED screen with 800×480 pixel resolution, while the Galaxy S II features a 4.3-inch screen with Super AMOLED Plus technology with resolution of 800×480 pixels. The Galaxy S II LTE making its way in comparison with 800×480 display of 4.5 inch and Super AMOLED Plus technology. I’d say Super AMOLED Plus has a slight advantage here, but again we must see the Galaxy S III live so we can judge the screen.

May 02

Series of rumors about Samsung Galaxy S III continues today with a protective film for the phone, applied across a Galaxy S II. Thus, we can get an idea about the size of the phone, if we compare with the previous Galaxy S.

Again it is confirmed that the new terminal will have at least rounded bottom, probably the top one too and the screen is larger than that of Galaxy S II. Given the impressive size of the film, I would say even that rumors of a display of 4.7 or 4.8 inch HD are true. I remind you that tomorrow, on May 3, 2012 in London is the official presentation of Galaxy S III, which you can find out more by downloading the Google Samsung Unpacked Play application.

If we’re talking about the film from this image, it has been posted on the web by Unwire boys from HK, Hong Kong sign that one is played in a while with the Galaxy S III. The smartphone appeared in a hands on video done in Vietnam, so that usually leaks come from Asia. Looking at this film, you should notice that the width of Galaxy S II remained intact and only the length of the phone has changed. The Home button has now a different shape, being larger and slightly rounded at the edges. In 24 hours we will find out how the real design of Galaxy S III is. I would quite safely say that many people eagerly waiting the release. Do you feel the same?

Apr 24

Samsung has posted this weekend on the web a countdown! Unfortunately speculations were not true and instead we see the first image with Samsung Galaxy S III all we got was yet another teaser, this time a video one. ( site proved to be actually an anagram for The Next Galaxy, where you see this video, which has a nasty reference to Apple fans. They are considered as sheep to the end of the clip, which includes beautiful images of galaxies and that’s all. I’m a little disappointed with this  Samsung teaser, so video quality and its lack of originality. The Korean company could well keep us in suspense and there was no problem.

Note that before the countdown to reach zero, those from SlashGear investigated and found mysterious site directories and what files they contain. Unfortunately it was just colored with blue letters in the anagram give The Next Galaxy. Notice that this is a teaser for the Samsung product presented in a special event (Unpacked) in London, on May 3. Not yet clear whether the May 3 we will see Galaxy S III or a new tablet, possibly both. It’s not clear whether the presented model will be Galaxy S III or Galaxy S II Plus.

Video Teaser :

Apr 19

Those from published two images with a Smartphone that could be the future Samsung Galaxy S III. You can admire below and I will try to present some reasons why this terminal can’t be the long-awaited phone from Samsung. And if you wonder why the pictures below look so bad, note that are made with an iPad.

If we rely on rumors so far, the next top model from Samsung will have ceramic housing. It could be similar with HTC One S but in black version. Although this phone has a matt casing, there is some degree of light reflection. At least we are not talking about shiny black plastic. Home button below the screen would confirm rumors in recent weeks. Although Samsung Galaxy S III is running Android 4.0, the manufacturer would not give up that fizic button.

The probability that it is Galaxy S III is reduced because it is an ugly phone. The forms are really simple, but I don’t think that Samsung would launch something like this to represent their top phones. And if we go in this direction, let’s talk about the other information published. Korean manufacturer seems to have sent several prototypes of Galaxy S III to various operators in the world for testing. These prototypes were built in other cases than that to be officially launched. Apple used the same strategy before launching the iPhone 4. The phone was disguised as iPhone 3Gs to avoid attracting attention when it was used in actual tests.

Fortunately, the wait will not last long. Samsung Galaxy S III, with quad core Exynos processor integrated into a chipset, will be presented soon at an event in early May.