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May 06

Let’s face it: Samsung Galaxy S III does not look as good as we wanted. And not that we imagine fanciful designs, but the phone seems more reminiscent of a Corby when it’s viewed from behind. Rounded forms and housing plasticizers have made plenty of fans to whine. We have five ways that Galaxy S III could look better. We will demonstrate on the basis of concepts.

1. Edge to edge screen, capacitive buttons

It’s simple, we have here a concept that is involving a long terminal, with edge to edge screen, capacitive buttons and a metal casing, or even a metal protective area around the screen, to give them strength and to avoid chipping. Bonus, we have a 12 megapixel camera and 1080p.

2. Large width

This image made headlines on the Web in December 2011 when it was rumored that it’s the new Galaxy S III. Apparently we have here a 5-inch screen terminal, clear edge to edge, some very interesting icons in the bottom of the screen, 1080p resolution and 12 megapixel camera. Phone case looks fantastic, is metallic and matte.

3. Borrowing from Nokia N9

It seems to me that this version borrow some things from Nokia N9. Physical Home button it’s kept and we have a protruding rear foot, which reminds me of Samsung Galaxy S II. The phone has a metal frame around it, which gives an elegant look.

4. A different Galaxy Nexus (square shape)

Imagine a square frame for Galaxy Nexus, thinner, and possibly high resolution and 12 megapixel camera. The buttons are capacitive and also we have Android 4.0 available.

5. Surprise!

Yes, that’s the way that Galaxy S III could look better, being close to the design of the HTC One X. HTC pleasantly surprised us with this phone, while Samsung hasn’t amazed us at all.