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Dec 15

For several weeks days Samsung runs in the U.S. an advertising campaign that takes into laughter the iPhones owners. Samsung promotes their devices and presents the current iPhone functions as inferior to those available in the Galaxy series.

Although Samsung was initially subjected to a wave of criticism, the reality is a little different because Americans begin to take seriously the Samsung brand and the device of companies generates more buzz than iPhones from the American continent.

Starting around Nov. 28 — six days after Samsung began airing its Galaxy Nexus ads mocking Apple’s (AAPL) customer base (see here) — the Korean conglomerate’s “buzz” started rising and the iPhone’s drifting down. And on Wednesday, according to a press release issued by YouGov

The information comes from agency YouGov that daily interviews over 5,000 people about more than 1,100 brands present in the U.S. Samsung campaign now give the results but foresee that in the near future we will see some commercials that Apple will give us an answer Samsung.

It would not be excluded to see ads like Mac vs PC but against to the Android OS and anyway Apple think the problem, the idea is that a campaign to promote iPhones would be beneficial right now.

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Dec 09

Although the most analysts expect that Apple to come on the market with the first tablet equipped with Retina Display, those from Samsung might launch in February a tablet is equipped with a screen resolution of 2560×1600. Of course they will be able to name the Retina screen display that Apple has registered the name as a brand but if Apple will not be able to bring product to market ahead of the Samsung believe will have a lot to lose.

Leaving aside the primacy, it seems that Samsung would have it ready for a dual-core tablet that has a frequency of 2 GHz and not a quad-core as everyone expected. About the Apple tablet we don’t know only that you have an A6 processor but unfortunately we do not know what Apple will include it.

If we have a noteworthy display resolution then is expected to launch a quad-core processor to support it but would not be possible that Apple to include a faster dual-core processor and more efficiently managing energy. I hope that in the end users have to win no matter which of the two companies launched the first product of any kind.

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Nov 25

Those from Asymco made from the above chart that shows the monetary reserves of Apple in comparison with the companies’ values that produce mobile phones. Apple has in present 82 billion dollars available in the accounts and if we exclude Samsung, Apple could buy the rest of mobile phone manufacturers and would be left about 20 billion dollars to invest on future. Basically Apple has enough money to buy only the mobile division of Samsung or HTC, Nokia, RIM, LG, Motorola Mobility and Sony Ericsson together.

In summary, in June Apple’s cash was about 53% of the sum of competing phone vendor enterprise values. Today it’s about 61%. Excluding Samsung, Apple could buy the industry and still have $25 billion left over. This makes the claim that “Apple could buy the industry” even more believable. This analysis is mainly academic.

Of course the above chart refers only to the value of mobile divisions of the respective companies and Apple if want it could eradicate, the competition but only if those companies would be desperate enough to leave them bought at those prices. Apple has an enormous money supply and yet does not have in what to invest the money, although it would require several new factories to produce many iDevice‘s enough to meet the market demand.

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Nov 18

The Apple partners already start to receive the future screens of iPad tablet and now we learn that three million of these screens will be ready for assembly in tablets in early 2012. The rumors coming from Asia and indicate that Samsung and LG have already shipped 1 million high-resolution displays to Apple, the other two million will be delivered by the end of next year. So far nobody knows what kind of resolution will have the screens but since it talks about it, there’s a chance that Apple to change the resolution of iPad 3 but not necessarily in the Retina Display.

Samsung Electronics, LG Display and Sharp reportedly shipped a total of one million units of high-resolution flat panels for next-generation iPads to Apple in October and will ramp up shipments to two million units in November, according to industry sources.

Recent rumors about iPad 3 launching gave as safe the implementation of a retina screen in the next tablet from Apple, of course, there is not 100% secure confirmations to support these theories. If Apple will change the resolution of the tablet, it is possible to find a way to grows with the number of pixels per inch but without a double. I think 2012 should bring an iPad tablet with a resolution better considering that most tablets and Android already offers this and Apple not.

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Nov 16

Now more than a few months Apple has managed to obtain a prohibition on sales of tablet Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany and those from Samsung have been working lately to change product design.

In the picture above we have Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet with the old and the new design up and down but the main differences are the color edge and shortening housing so it will not appear under the tablet sides. The new design brings a new name for the tablet that now can be found under the name Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N in company stores in Germany.

In its intellectual property spat with Apple, Samsung proves resilient, perseverant, and courageous. If there ever was any doubt about those virtues (not on my part anyway), here’s the latest example: the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is once again available in Germany, despite a preliminary injunction that Apple won in early August and the Dusseldorf Regional Court confirmed in September.

It is interesting that the tablet is already available for purchase in Germany so Samsung has not stayed with Apple to see if the new product could be challenged in court or not. I guess that Apple will fight even with this new design but I’m curious how will managed to convince a court to block the new product sales in Germany.