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Dec 23

If the name of iPhone 4S has not convinced you that would be connected with a tribute of Apple to Steve Jobs maybe the launch of iPad 3 on February 24, when Steve Jobs would have celebrated his birthday, would give you to understand that Apple did not forget his famous founder.

Of course it’s just a rumor now that probably was born in the mind of a journalist from Taiwan but that does not mean that this rumour can not be true. Last year iPad 2 was announced on 2 March, a week after the Steve Jobs birthday so, would not be so unusual that this year things happen a little faster, all in the memory of the legendary CEO.

Because it is a new gadget, it is taking time for makers in the supply chain to raise their yield rates. The sources said all OEM and ODM makers have exercised great caution in ensuring the smooth operations of their production lines.

Even if iPad 3 will not be announced then, we see presented to a conference in early Apple in March. iPad 3 could have Retina Display, could be thinner and may come equipped with a quad-core but yet all this information are simple rumors so take them with a large dose of pessimism.

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Dec 09

Although the most analysts expect that Apple to come on the market with the first tablet equipped with Retina Display, those from Samsung might launch in February a tablet is equipped with a screen resolution of 2560×1600. Of course they will be able to name the Retina screen display that Apple has registered the name as a brand but if Apple will not be able to bring product to market ahead of the Samsung believe will have a lot to lose.

Leaving aside the primacy, it seems that Samsung would have it ready for a dual-core tablet that has a frequency of 2 GHz and not a quad-core as everyone expected. About the Apple tablet we don’t know only that you have an A6 processor but unfortunately we do not know what Apple will include it.

If we have a noteworthy display resolution then is expected to launch a quad-core processor to support it but would not be possible that Apple to include a faster dual-core processor and more efficiently managing energy. I hope that in the end users have to win no matter which of the two companies launched the first product of any kind.

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Oct 27

Apple is testing the screens still from the last year for iPad 3 but at present their implementation in a tablet depends on Samsung and LG. Retina Display for iPad 3 would have a resolution of 2048×1536 and 264 pixels per inch, Apple practically doubling the resolution and pixel density.

Now Apple has such screens in tests on tablets but the problem is that Samsung and LG do not have a manufacturing system effectively enough to enable them to produce such screens in large quantities.

Those from CNET say that production of these screens should start in November of this year but now everything is on a theoretical level because Samsung and LG do not have a manufacturing process in place. Interesting is that these screens have a brightness of 550 nits to 350 which has a laptop, so we talk about major improvements from this point of view. T

hose from CNET say that the screens designed by Apple using a technological process used for the first time this kind of products and basically this is the problem. There would not be excluded to see Retina Display in iPad 3, but would not be excluded that Apple will continue with the same screen and same resolution.

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