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Mar 29

Germans from Nokiaport have discovered a new Nokia design patent, which looks like the picture below and suddenly evokes memories of a Nokia concept several months ago. At that time still speculate on account of Finnish Windows Phone mobile products and circulated codenamed Sea Ray and Nokia Ace.

Below you can see the the concept for this new device, incorporating a camera button and a stylish metal bar buttons that are integrated to Windows Phone. Patent discovered by Nokiaport bring this rendering and easily remember of Nokia C5-03, especially with that strip of buttons below the screen. In the format of the device, it can be compared with Lumia 610, so it might be a new budget model, with Windows Phone “Tango” and poor facilities.

Anyway that strip with buttons and stylish design make me believe that this terminal could have a higher price, obvious if this patent and the concept has something in common. It is gratifying to see an original design from Nokia, after Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 have adopted the same look as N9. At least Lumia 710 and 610 has changed things a bit, but will be interesting to see a new high-end Windows Phone with a design direction changed.

Samsung will ship 40-44 million Smartphones in this quarter, 50 million in Q2 if Samsung Galaxy S III will be released!

South Korean ET News magazine announced that Samsung Smartphone shipments could exceed 40-44 million units this quarter, and the next three months are announced even more filled. If Galaxy S III shows up on time, then Q2 would bring supplies over 50 million units.

Samsung Galaxy Note seems it was one of the hits that propelled sales of Smartphones and it is estimated that Samsung would have sold 4 million such terminals with 5.3 inch screen in the first three months of the year. And mid range Android smartphones have been sold well, but with the Galaxy S III and his debut in stores, the figures could explode. Expectations are huge, just look how many concepts and images “dropped” appeared on the web in the past two weeks. In addition, rumored and promotion associated with the Olympics, so I expect a massive marketing campaign behind the new Galaxy S.

Nov 26

Probably is not a surprise that Apple has from a few years the most loyal users and everything is due to products developed by the company. This year GFK conducted a survey among iDevice owners and found that on average of 84% from iPhone owners remain loyal to the Cupertino Company while only 60% of Android owners will buy such a device. The difference shows how much they “love” the iPhone owners their devices and the good experience that they have with the devices that they use daily.

Some 84 percent of iPhone users said they would pick iPhone also when they replace their cellphone, while 60 percent of consumers who use smartphones running Google’s Android said they would stick with phones using the same software.

If we talk about Nokia or RIM, the figures are much lower, a sign that for Apple consumers remains the best choice although the operating system has many shortcomings and comes with equipped with enough problems. The “freedom” of other operating system attracts few users and those who are now on such a system return to iPhone or change the Android with different operating system, of course, everything happens over long periods of time.

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Aug 10

Nokia 5230 has been launched by T-Mobile USA some time ago in Nuron. This was a great shock when Nokia launched its latest mobile phone which is Nokia 5250. Nokia seems to admit that the Nokia 5230 is less attractive on mobile phone market, so the Nokia 5250 will replace the Nokia 5230 with some interesting features.

Although it was announced that the Nokia 5250 has come to replace the Nokia 5230, Nokia 5250 prices and availability are yet to be announced. On the other hand, the Nokia 5250 comes with attractive features to display the same button configuration with Nokia 5230 and equipped with a small jumbo panel pointed to the low end of the spectrum of touchscreen.

Nokia 5250 has quad-band GSM network with a full touchscreen display QVGA. Nokia 5250 also has Wi-Fi support that will make your browsing experience easier and cheaper. Using Symbian OS, the Nokia 5250 is expected to be able to compete with other touchscreen mobile phone.

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Apr 26

Nokia’s throne is in a big danger ever before. The name of the danger is; Apple! Apple, has earned more than 10 billion dollar and profit 3.5 billion dollar in first quarter of 2010 year. Moreover; iPad’s sales wasn’t included in.

In Nokia side; they succeeded to reach total phone sales number to 100 million degree. Also they’ve increased their profit to 1.1 billion dolar from 850 million dollar. But it’s on the way that Apple iPhone’ll get the leadership from Nokia. iPhone succeded to sell more than 10 million sales in four months. Against to this; Nokia’s aiming to launch 22 million unit devices in following days.

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Mar 13

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