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Dec 25

Last week Apple released iTunes Match international service after accidentally initially sent a launch announcement to users in several countries around the world.

When the service became available to users shortly but subscriptions were suspended registrations and now everything seems to be back to normal. Last night, Apple released on its Web site the first information about the new service and according to that document iTunes Match is now available in 17 countries around the world:

Australia, Belgia, Canada, Cipru, Cehia, Elvetia, Franta, Germania, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexic, Marea Britanie, Noua Zeelanda, Slovacia, Spania, si in final SUA.

Although services are available in so many countries, only in United States a certain part of content may be redownloaded through iTunes and reloading in the remaining countries is impossible.  In many countries is not anticipates a launch of iTunes Match in the near future and should note that we can not even download movies through iTunes so they have pretty much to expect.

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Dec 24

In Germany, Apple a few weeks ago filed a new lawsuit against Motorola and it seems that the judges were inclined to give in favor of the company in Cupertino. A related patent of the UI interface application that displays the galleries with pictures of a smartphone seems to be based on technology that Apple could gain the Motorola but could quickly solve the problems with Android. A few days ago there was a preliminary hearing in this process and give judges inclined to gain because of Apple but a final decision will be made only on 16 February.

The ongoing smartphone patent war continues to be a war of attrition in which no decisive “knockout” blow is likely in the very near term, but Apple is making ever more progress forcing its competitors to modify their products in order to work around some of Apple’s original ideas, which is what Steve Jobs wanted them to do.

We must not forget that Motorola has the power to ban imports of Apple products in Europe thanks to a court decision obtained in Germany. So far people seem determined to Motorola to take such a radical decision, but if Apple will continue to harass them in the courts from U.S. and Europe may witness the first decision to ban the import of Apple products in Europe.

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Dec 23

Today a report was published probably to enjoy the Android device manufacturers as some analysts argue that in the recent months the iPhone has lost its market share held in Europe. Basically the iPhone sales grew in the U.S., Australia and Britain but would have fallen in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and other European countries.

The information could be 100% true, but they were collected and during the period when iPhone 4S was not released yet, so for some countries in Europe, where market share seems to have fallen, sales were only in early counting November.

I guess that in the coming days will be many rumors that the iPhone will die in Europe but the reality is that the study has not counted a long time after the release of iPhone 4S so information could be flawed.

On the other hand should not be excluded that the cheap Android devices is presented as an alternative for those who either can not afford iPhone or were not impressed by iPhone 4S but for now the Apple device seems to sell well. In January we will know how many tens of millions of iPhones has sold Apple and then we’ll see how these kinds of rumors are true.

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Dec 22

Because for Apple the market from China is extremely important because there generate a great deal of company revenues. We not talk just about the actual sales and purchases of products but because of China App Store download almost as many applications as the U.S., when we talk about the iPad tablets.

At the downloading made on iPhone devices the difference is greater on the figures but if we see that in the U.S. and China are separated by only a few percent and Apple increased discharges of China it means a large increase in revenues.

The information are coming from the Distimo company that announce that a half of the profit for the iPhone’s App Store is generated by 200 free applications that through the freemium model generate very good profit for developers. In-app purchase is those that bring big money for Apple and those of Distimo figures speak for themselves.

The company made a top that lists the best applications of 2011 and ranks on first place Angry Birds which is available on many platforms and generates profit for its producers. Interestingly, in this top 10 there is any applications that are available on all major mobile platforms.

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Dec 20

It is rumored for over a year that Apple prepares to launch some Macs with Retina Display and today those from DigiTimes announce that Apple could launch a MacBook Pro that has a screen resolution of 2880×1800 pixels.

Practically the screen resolution that the editors from Digitimes are talking about is exactly double from the native one of the existing MacBook Pro of 15 inch, but for now 100% reliable information about Apple’s plans do not exist. Macs of 17 inch have a native resolution of 1080p which is extremely hard to double it, so if Apple will prepare a Mac with Retina Display, the 15 inch model should be the target.

Even if DigiTimes is not talking about MacBook Pro of 17 inch that to be retina ready, the new line of Ivy Bridge processors from Intel is able to support resolutions up to 4096×4096. In Mac OS X Lion, Apple changed some graphics making them compatible with resolutions up to 3200×2000 so the company takes seriously the possible launch of a Mac equipped with Retina Display. It’s hard to say when exactly this change will be important for the line of Macs.

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