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Jan 15

GTA III’s iDevice was launched last month in the App Store and the game is a port of the console version. The good part of this work lies in the fact that we can modify almost any part of GTA III sites using specially made for Grand Theft Auto fans. The really interesting here is that we can modify the application of our sites iDevice even without performing a jailbreak so you can customize your liking GTA.

In the following I will show you how to change the game GTA III and would be good to follow it exactly as described otherwise the process will not work.

1.  Download the code injection for Windows / Mac. Download IMG Tool for Windows or Crossover for Mac.

2.  After you install the programs you access one of these sites where you will find all sorts of mods for GTA III: 1, 2, 3.

3.  Connect your iDevice to your computer and open code injection.

4.  Using code injection navigate to: apps> com.rockstargames.gta3ios> You searched for gta3_pvr.img gta3_pvr.dir and you will copy into your computer and you will delete the iDevice.

5.  Now using IMG Tool and open the file Crossover gta3_pvr.img where you copy the files you want to change. For this tutorial we will modify a car. Download this file from here and unzip it in your computer. Now back to IMG Tool open gta3_pvr.img file and search files and manana.txd manana.dff that option using Coomands> Extract the IMG Tool will extract them in your computer. After extracting the image delete them open IMG Tool. Now unpack the manner presented by me and open the image and add files manana.dff manana.txd using Coomands> extract and then run Commands> Rebuild Archive.

6.  After the recovery process was completed copy of the archive back into your iDevice and gta3_pvr.dir your files that you deleted in step 4. They have copied all the Apps> com.rockstargames.gta3ios>

If you followed the above steps strictly in GTA III when the old car Manana should be gone and in its place you should see a Ford V8 Sedan in 1980.

Jan 06

“Kill’em all” About this should be a succinct description of the game. The player controls a small airplane with a big gun, an airplane capable of destroying entire hordes of enemies and even those “stuff” large and dangerous (like boss battle). There are several types of bonuses, all designed to make you a great dangerous.

Download Sky Force Reloaded from iTunes.

Oct 27

iDracula Lite is a little like Diablo. Use your left finger to control your character, and right finger to destroy one by one enemies coming from all directions.

iDracula Lite let’s you start a new game with a premium selection of weapons. You get the flamethrower, grenade launcher, crossbow, shotgun and the pistol. Now, here’s catch. Aside to 9,999 rounds of bullets for the (weak) pistol, you get very limited ammo for the rest of the weapons. Besides that, you won’t get any help – no reinforcements, potions or powerups. You are on your own.

Download from App Store