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Jun 08

Feed Me Oil is one of the latest creations made by Chillingo. The game is among the most purchased games from AppStore this week, it has the highest score and is one of the most popular game. The strategies of the game are simple and seem to be inspired by the Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe some time ago.

It’s about a broken pipe through which oil flows and which we have to aim it towards the mouth of creatures, we have some elements that help us in this routing controlled of the oil, elements formed from the steel rail, fans that have to be positioned using creativity and inventiveness. The game is based on fluid mechanics and as the game progresses in difficulty level increases in proportion. You need to make your best to survive longer. The game can be played on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad without problems. But you need to have iOS 3.0 or a later version.

Find out more about Feed Me Oil from iTunes.

Jun 03

Are you passionate about racing, but you did not want to spend 7.99 euros on a game? Here’s the perfect solution: GTI Edition 35, a new free game developed by Volkswagen to test the “monstrosity” of his car!

The game was created to celebratei the anniversary of thirty-five years of the Golf GTI version. Seven editions of the GTI versions are available, you can have a fantastic adventure into the world of racing course, across the history of this vehicle.

The main features of the game are:

  • All versions of the Golf GTI is available for a perfect driving experience
  • Tracks located industrial areas
  • 2 game modes: Time or Career, for more adventure
  • The data are real cars, real physics engine and sounds amazing, fully customizable with Volkswagen Genuine Parts
  • Photorealistic graphics engine, with variations of light and color (depending on the external environment)
  • Showroom dedicated to GTI Edition 35 3D, which includes detailed specifications and unique features of the 35 EDITION model
  • An integrated tracking system to locate your nearest store based Volkswagen

The game is universal and compatible with IOS 3.0 or later. GTI Edition 35 has 111MB, so it should be downloaded in WiFi and is located in English and German languages.

Find out more about GTI Edition 35 from iTunes.

Jan 08

A game of chance and cleverness. A better alternative to a game of chess, involves the formation of bands Lock’n Roll using dice (a sort of games with dice). Graphics are good, is easy to learn the style and to be followed, getting a HiScore is difficult. Even better is free (Pro version does not display advertising).

Download Lock’n Roll from iTunes.

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Jan 06

FPS, RPG, Simulation – all are confusing time for a novice. So if i say that Zeno is a very good RPG for the iPhone i may say very little.  Zenonia is a game focused so much on a story and less on graphics. In fact there are really funny graphics, with a reminiscent style of an ancient consoles (well below the possibilities of iPhone). The graphics are what makes this game important.

Download Zenonia from iTunes.

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Jan 04

Another classic game,  DOOM comes on iPhone platform, and John Carmack himself has participated in developing this application. The game includes three classic episodes totaling 36 levels, and the graphics and sounds are stored in large part from the original version of the game. But if we take into account that at the time of its launch DOOM run in 320 x 240 resolution, and now the iPhone, running in 320 x 480 resolution, we realize the tremendous evolution of the performance of today’s processors. Classic DOOM can be played on the network via WiFi, with up to three friends.

You can download this game from iTunes.

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