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Feb 10

Zong application is available on Android Market and the App Store since launch. The application can be accessed only if you have a premium account with 4.99 euros/month.

Unlike Grrooveshark competitor, the application is available in the AppStore and you don’t nedd Jailbreak to listen to unlimited and legally music.

The application of the iOS provides a search across available audio library that is updated continuously. Player performed flawlessly, even on EDGE connection, with little delay before the song start, not during, as is the case if you get stuck in the middle of YouTube video. Smart Radio lets you listen to random songs, but in all kinds of music (the radio function is available on PC genres). You can easily create a playlist on your mobile phone, not just the Zong site.

Zong application unlike other streaming applications available on mobile phones offers two very useful functions. One of the functions is data counter warns you when you reach a certain volume of data. A second useful feature is available on iOS 5 at least and to change tracks and control volume directly from the lock screen menu without having to open the Zong.

Zong application is created by iQuest Technologies company and the IOS version is only available in AppStore.

Nov 24

Find My iPhone is a free service offered by Apple that allows iDevice owners to locate their device on the map, to block it, send a message to him and remove the entire contents if it is necessary. Apple has designed this service in the idea of helping users to find a lost or a stolen iPhone, and with the application help were caught thieves, were rescued victims of aviation incident and of course found many iPhones.

The service requires that your iDevice to have GPS on all the time and have an active internet connection to allow taking orders. I can say that I do not use the application “Find My iPhone” because the battery life is pretty much affected when GPS is always kept open and I prefer to have a good range instead of always being accessible on a map.

For others the autonomy falls secondary to the security offered by “Find My iPhone”, and I wonder how good the service is. I write a few months ago an article about “Find My iPhone”, so I come with the next question: How useful is for you the service “Find My iPhone”?

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Oct 31

WhatsAppMessenger is one of the most popular applications from App Store, being in a few months on the first places among the most purchased applications. Users love the application as it allows them to send text messages to any other owner of the iDevice owners but handsets with other operating systems installed.

The mobile messaging market is moving, choices around platforms and their pricing and how they provide an amazing customer experience are the hot topics at hand. As a leader in the messaging space and with our network now handling over one billion messages a day, we see that the power is with the consumer.

The application is popular worldwide and currently more than 1 billion messages are sent every day using the corporate network developer, is truly impressive figure considering that we are talking about an application that costs only € 0.79 and competing with iMesage.

I thought iMessage it would be left forgotten WhatsAppMessenger application but users still use it here and even more than usual so its developers have nothing to fear that soon will no longer be an option worthy of consideration.

Sep 03

From this article you will find how the voice commands system works by Google available in the App Store from several years. Google gives us the opportunity to say with voice the command when we put the device  to ear and the application automatically search on the Google search engine. The system is activated automatically when the terminal is taken from the ear to allow the user to utter, simple controls and easy, just like they talk on the phone.

Apple plans to implement a similar system in iOS 5 but it will use Siri system developed by the same name acquired last year by Apple. Syria will do exactly the same things but it has some additional functions, namely to enable users to purchase online using a simple voice commands or to reserve their tickets to a movie. Apple basically wants to bring in iOS 5 what Android has for some time but Apple implement will be slightly different and will have more features.

The information about implementing of this new system come from 9to5mac who were found inside the iOS file system some information that indicates how the whole system will be implemented. Of course the implementation of a beta and a final release version is much better, but Apple would make a big step forward by implementing this system.

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Aug 14

Video: BBSettings

BBSettings is a new tweak for our iDevices that are now in the testing period but it successfully replaces SBSeetings developed by BigBoss. The new tweak is special designed for iOS 5 to work only in Notifications Center so you do not install the iOS 4.

In terms of features included, you will find great things exactly the same as SBSettings but BBSettings comes with a new way to present options and menus but unfortunately it comes with a limitation in terms of compatibility with the operating system iOS 5 .

In terms of functions available, we can view information about any aspects of our device, from information about brightness and Wi-Fi to free and available memory and the processes that are open in the background.

BBSettings has included even the option to add favorite applications in a special menu where can be accessed much more easily than in the Springboard. The developers have even added the option to directly see the Notifications Center and open applications in the background so you will not have to use the Home button.

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