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Jul 07

VideoLock is an application available on AppStore for a while that allows you to set a password for the videos we have in our iPhone device. Basically, to be protected by a password, you must move videos from the phone gallery in the application of which we speak now or we can do other things and save them directly into VideoLock.

Besides these functions, VideoLock will allow you also to view movies directly from the application, and sharing with your friends on the famous breakneck social networks and even can send them by email or on YouTube. I recommend this application if you have some compromising videos on your phone especially because for a short period of time VideoLock is freely available in AppStore, so take the opportunity and install it.

Find out more about VideoLock from iTunes.

Jun 01

After almost a month after the publication of the final version of MobileNotifier’s tweak was announced, its developer, Peter Hajas released beta 5, which is the last version, it seems, as he said. For those who do not know yet, MobileNotifier is a new display system of push notifications from iOS,  more complex than that offered by Apple that we’ve used so far.

The beta Version 5 brings some improving of the performance but also some interesting new features and also quite useful. Among them is MobileReply, a function that allows us to respond directly to a notification when we receive it, regardless of what we do with our phone in that time, for example, if an SMS, so without having to be forced to open the Messages application to reply to the messages you receive.

MobileNotifier is a quite useful tweak and indeed represents a much more useful and comprehensive conception of the notifications of the IOS, then Apple would be able to inspire and to have something implemented in the next operating system, whose presentation will take place in just a few days, on 6 June at WWDC conference.

If you want to try this system of notification, you can install MobileNotifier from Cydia, repo: for free.

Feb 14

If you lost your iPhone, iPad, or your iPod, no problem, you can install the Find My iPhone application on any device that uses the IOS. It should be noted that there needs to be installed on the device you want to find.

The program is very easy to use and is proving to be good for those who do not see their head to work and sometimes forget their iPhone who knows where.

Download Find My iPhone from iTunes.

Jan 23

A very essential guitar utilities for your iphone, can include some quality chords, GuitarToolkit provides a highly accurate beautiful tuner. You can choose your tone from a list of scales.  GuitarToolkit is one of the most awesome music applications for iPhone.

Download GuitarToolkit application from iTunes.

Dec 29

BossPrefs (Utilities) – An application that allows you to stop and start your iPhone services in a very fast way, check the available space, set directory permissions, quick fix for symptoms, etc.

You can install BossPrefs much easier if you use Cydia or Installer.

Download BossPrefs from here.