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Sep 26

A few weeks ago the news of the loss of a new iPhone prototype device round the world, the police from San Francisco search a house were involved the Apple employees. Eventually the incident was found to be about the iPhone 5 device, police from San Francisco is one who unwillingly confirmed this.

The members of the police claimed that an internal investigation in this case will be turned to reveal the involvement of police in search of the house of a man who is believed to hold the iPhone 5 prototypes.

In this investigation, police from San Francisco have asked the bar owner that allegedly lost the iPhone 5 to offer the video recording from the loss night, but they did not return after the request to take evidence.

The investigation carried out now has in the foreground, perhaps, the detectives of the police internal affairs service because a police spokesman in San Francisco did not know anything about videos on demand.

Perhaps those records will elucidate how it occurred, if something happened, and it would be interesting to see if Apple lied, or they really lost a prototype of the iPhone 5. This is the only interesting thing in this case given that more than two weeks should see the device for the first time.

Sep 21

At this moment all the big sellers of accessories for iDevices have at least one model case for iPhone 5 and that model presents a device with 4-inch screen. The cover from the pictures of this article appeared on the internet during this night and of course we can have the impression that the iPhone 5 will be bigger device with a higher screen although Apple has not yet discussed at all about it. The cover from pictures is similar to that Case Mate wanted to sell last week and as you can see allows you to enter an iPhone 4 in it but of course a few mm will remain unoccupied.

In recent weeks had appeared on the internet many such cases but unfortunately we do not have clear pictures of the Apple device. Theoretical the iPhone 5 should have a 4 inch screen and should be thinner than the iPhone 4, but in reality very few people know exactly how it will look the next device that Apple will launch it officially on the market. As we approach to the event we will see more and more such of cases and more and more rumors and I hope that in one of them will be “hidden” the iPhone 5.

Sep 16

Complementing the information of the New York Times about the iPhone 5, the people from 9to5mac claim to have information from sources close to Apple that say that iPhone 5 partners has indeed a bigger screen, a “revolutionary” design and is thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4 but still stronger and more pleasant to the touch than Galaxy S. Unfortunately, the new device together with another similar design give headaches to Apple partners with very large problems in many units to produce enough for the official launch.

If Apple does indeed have problems making the new device when it is possible to witness a similar situation last year when the iPhone 4 was produced only in black version launched in the second wave of countries that has been postponed. Unfortunately Apple is “known” to have problems in the market to meet demand for iDevice’s products and unfortunately for iPhone 4S/5 stuff could be so if the information coming from China is true.

On the other hand it seems that the iPhone 5 will have a camera, perhaps of 8-megapixel superior to those implemented in other smartphones, so Apple would be able to repeat last year’s history with iPhone 4 and to its camera of 5 megapixels.

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Sep 14

Last year the presentation of iPhone 4 device by the publication Gizmodo that has generated unprecedented interest in a device released by Apple. Last year, the Cupertino company had very serious problems in coping with the demand registered by iPhone 4 but iPhone 5 could make you forgot all this year.

The analysis company market called RBC Capital Markets has conducted a study of about 2,200 Americans to discover how many of them waiting for iPhone 5 and plans to purchase Apple’s new device.

The information provided by this study shows that consumers eagerly await the launch of iPhone 5, exactly 31% of respondents said that they are interested in purchasing such a terminal and 66% of those who own an iPhone will be upgraded to the new device as soon as will be released.

The numbers of a study it rarely represent the reality but in this year Apple has postponed the launch of the new device and many users looking forward to see what the Cupertino company has prepared for them this fall. It would not be excluded that some iPhone owners to switch to Android when iPhone 5 will be well below of expectations but now most of them are interested to buy the new device.

Sep 10

The mobile operator Sprint is among the companies that will launch the iPhone 5 this year in their offer and according to the Bloomberg on mid-October will be the official launch of new Apple product device.

In an article published today, Bloomberg said that the iPhone 5 will be released certainly on mid-October in offer of mobile operator Sprint and will offer unlimited internet plans for their clients. The Bloomberg said that in the past the iPhone 5 will be released but now Sprint operator talking about a certainly launching of new tariff plans argue with the iPhone device.

Sprint, the third-largest U.S. wireless carrier, plans to begin selling the device in mid-October under a deal with Apple for the next model, the iPhone 5, said the people, who wouldn’t be identified because the plans aren’t public.

If Sprint will launch the device in mid-October when then at the end of September we should see the conference to present the iPhone 5 and iOS 5. The new operating system would be available with iPhone 5 just with a few days before the release of the new device.

For now on mid-October seems to be the safest time to launch the iPhone 5 and I say this because I am based on rumors so far and given the fact that Apple has not sent the invitations for the conference that will take place this month.