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Mar 25

If the new tablet it’s called now The new iPad, then perhaps in the autumn we will see The New iPhone. Until then we have a concept that looks fantastic, created by ADR Studio. Designers have imagined an iPhone 5 without SIM that integrates 3 retina displays.

The new iPhone will have access to networks, including 4G LTE services without SIM card technology spoken of in recent years and eventually could be adopted by Apple. This concept of iPhone 5 uses unibody aluminum casing, and its buttons are placed at the top, as shown in pictures. The strength of this device is that it integrates three screens together in one retina. Basically, we have here three strips of screens, one at the top for notification and information at the bottom serving as a dock for multitasking applications and central area of screen space that serves as the “desktop”.

Home button has changed the position, is now integrated in the bottom screen and can be activated using a motion sensor. Studio ADR built on the new iPhone 2012 and an edge LED, which is used as an indicator for battery, a very discreet way. This phone is running iOS 6.0, and the screen size should be around 4.5 or 4.6 inch, while the processor of this concept is most likely a quad core, maybe Apple A6.

Jan 04

A new report says that Faxconn Electronics, one of the Apple’s favourites producers they are working with for a few years, is producing 150.000 iPhones every day! The amount expected to ship from Apple is somewhere at 5-6 million in September.

This report comes from Digi Times website, and they said that 150.000 iPhones per day is the principal target, just like they signed and agreed in the contract. The number of units produced is estimated somewhere to 22 million in the fourth quarter economic year, when Apple will greatly reduce the stock of iPhone 4.

Meanwhile, the lens producer, Largan Precision and the maker of touch-screen displays TPK Holding, supplier of glass G-Tech Optoelectronics and Simplo and Dynapack battery supplier is working at full capacity, says the report. The next iPhone will be launched in October and at the end of the month you can already pre-order the next iPhone generation.

Meanwhile, this is the last photograph I saw, and the rumors said it’s been made with the new iPhone 5.

We will keep you updated with the latest news about iPhone 5, as soon as we hear something about it you will be the first who knows.  Stay tuned for more complex details.

Sep 29

One of the disadvantages of an iPhone device is the lack of an image stabilizer for videos and pictures but Apple is working on a concept that would bring this function on its terminals. Using the accelerometer and gyroscope of our devices Apple says that can develop an image stabilizer for videos at least as good as that existing in other smartphones on the market. Cupertino Company’s intentions are presented in a patent that has been registered recently but that could be implemented in our devices over a very long time.

Motion detection devices can provide metadata that indicates motion effects of a camera during video capture, however, even though the motion detectors provide data relating to global motion of the camera, the level of shakiness between frames is often comparable to the noise level of the motion detector data,” the filing reads. “Such high level of the noise in data prohibits (direct use) of accelerometer data in video stabilization.

The system designed by those from Apple will come into action only in the moments that will be necessary to stabilize the image so it will work constantly during the video recording made by users. The system will decide only based on the information provided by accelerometer and gyro sensors to Apple so it will be those who that will “decide” whether a video should be stabilized or not. I would be extremely happy if Apple would implement an image stabilizer, not only for videos but for pictures too, now remains to see what plans Apple has for iPhone 5.

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Sep 26

A few weeks ago the news of the loss of a new iPhone prototype device round the world, the police from San Francisco search a house were involved the Apple employees. Eventually the incident was found to be about the iPhone 5 device, police from San Francisco is one who unwillingly confirmed this.

The members of the police claimed that an internal investigation in this case will be turned to reveal the involvement of police in search of the house of a man who is believed to hold the iPhone 5 prototypes.

In this investigation, police from San Francisco have asked the bar owner that allegedly lost the iPhone 5 to offer the video recording from the loss night, but they did not return after the request to take evidence.

The investigation carried out now has in the foreground, perhaps, the detectives of the police internal affairs service because a police spokesman in San Francisco did not know anything about videos on demand.

Perhaps those records will elucidate how it occurred, if something happened, and it would be interesting to see if Apple lied, or they really lost a prototype of the iPhone 5. This is the only interesting thing in this case given that more than two weeks should see the device for the first time.

Sep 25

In every year Apple has introduced its most important products in conferences from Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco but in this year the things will be completely different according to the All Things Digital. They cite the sources close to Apple which claim that we will see iPhone 5 for the first time at a conference which will take place on the Apple of Cupertino. This is not the first conference held by Apple in their office but is the first time when the whole world will see an iPhone device in that location.

This year things are going to be different.  This year, Apple’s holding its big iPhone media event closer to home. Sources close to the company say the demonstration — currently scheduled for Tuesday October 4, a date first reported by AllThingsD — will be held at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California. Why? That’s not entirely clear.

The conference would take place on October 4 as we have already said earlier this week and Tim Cook would present the device to the entire world. Of course nobody knows the reason behind choosing Apple for hosting the conference, but now everyone is waiting for the event to send invitations and to see when and where everything will be organized.