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Jan 04

A new report says that Faxconn Electronics, one of the Apple’s favourites producers they are working with for a few years, is producing 150.000 iPhones every day! The amount expected to ship from Apple is somewhere at 5-6 million in September.

This report comes from Digi Times website, and they said that 150.000 iPhones per day is the principal target, just like they signed and agreed in the contract. The number of units produced is estimated somewhere to 22 million in the fourth quarter economic year, when Apple will greatly reduce the stock of iPhone 4.

Meanwhile, the lens producer, Largan Precision and the maker of touch-screen displays TPK Holding, supplier of glass G-Tech Optoelectronics and Simplo and Dynapack battery supplier is working at full capacity, says the report. The next iPhone will be launched in October and at the end of the month you can already pre-order the next iPhone generation.

Meanwhile, this is the last photograph I saw, and the rumors said it’s been made with the new iPhone 5.

We will keep you updated with the latest news about iPhone 5, as soon as we hear something about it you will be the first who knows.  Stay tuned for more complex details.

Nov 24

We have information indicating that Apple would have invested $ 1 billion in equipment with which Sharp would build Retina Displays for iPad 3 and for future iPhone 5 screens. We are talking about a huge investment that Apple makes at the partners factories in the idea to assure a steady flow of screens for iPad 3 with Retina Display that will sell extremely well.

It seems that Apple has managed to get a screen with 330 pixels per inch for iPad 3, all using new technologies to produce screens. This new screen mode will not use IPS technology but IGZO, so we talk about a major change for Apple.

Besides iPad 3, it seems that Sharp will build screens for iPhone 5 but it is not known yet how these screens will show. Sharp is one of three producers of future screen for iPad 3 because Samsung and LGD have been named among the winners of contracts with one of the largest companies in the world. Of course, this time the sources of U.S. analysts can not provide exact information about Apple contracts so it could be just dust in the eyes.

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Nov 12

This summer we were “inundated” by rumors that indicate that the new iPhone will be called iPhone 5, will be thinner, and will have a 4-inch screen, capacitive button and aluminum housing. In reality only the iPhone 4S was launched on the market but iPhone 5 exist and still exist as a prototype that has been tested by some Apple employees.

Those from BusinessInsider announce now that has information from a person who would have played with the device and it contains all the specifications that have appeared in the form of rumor on the Internet.

Since many of you have been waiting to see that device released by Apple probably will wonder why it took the Cupertino company decided to launch iPhone 4S? Well it seems that Steve Jobs was the man who opposed of this release claiming that the 4 inch screen would lead to a fragmentation of the iDevice’s series launched by the company from Cupertino.

Of course those of BusinessInsider information could not be confirmed by someone within Apple, but the existence of such a prototype is very possible and I say that because Apple tested the iPad tablets with 7 inch screen and various forms of housing.

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Oct 20

3 months ago Apple announced to amaze the whole world that has sold no less than 20 million smartphones in a single quarter. For Apple we talking then that were a record and thanks to Apple become the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world surpassing the company Nokia for first time in history. A few days ago Apple announced that it sold 17.1 million smartphones last quarter and put sales appeared weak in mind rumors about a possible launch of iPhone 5.

Today we learn that Samsung would be shipped 20 million smartphones to its partners worldwide, the figure is 3 million units higher than for Apple. In theory this difference should rank as the largest producer Samsung smartphone in the world, right? The situation might be slightly different because the information did not actually say how many units sold but said it delivered 20 million to its partners. Given that both companies use different terms for cataloging these “sales” is really hard to say whether or not Samsung surpassed Apple.

The information is currently only estimates made by analysts Americans and we all know how well they guess what is expected to announce big companies now so Apple remains on the first place, a place you might lose it next week when Samsung will announce financial results.

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Oct 16

All summer I’ve seen rumors about a new iPhone 5 with a different design from that of the iPhone 4 but in the end we chose iPhone 4S which is a great iPhone 4 with better hardware. Well all the rumors about the iPhone 5 might come true next year when Apple might unveil his latest creation the whole world Steve Jobs.

It seems that the future of the terminal model could be the last iPhone that Steve Jobs would have worked closely and that you would have close to completion, the device having already established the design. The information coming from CNET quoting a U.S. analyst but also a source inside Apple who says iPhone 5 will be a major change to the iPhone 4/4S.

Interestingly, Steve Jobs was not involved in development of iPhone 4S but directly in the iPhone 5 next year so theoretically we expect a really great device. For now it talks about a design that would bring a thinner iPhone and a larger screen but nothing more and they know this information anyway this summer.

By next fall, and Apple can change many iPhone 4S seems to be the best selling iPhone ever released so will be interesting to see how Apple will prepare the upcoming year and what kind of device you out to convince even more iPhone owners to to upgrade.

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