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Dec 14

According to the recent rumors regarding the launch of three of new iPad 3 tablet in the evening past those from DigiTimes announced that iPad 3 will be available on the market in next 3-4 months.

Meanwhile, Foxconn Electronics will begin to produce the next-generation iPads in January and to ramp up the production volume starting February, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report, which quoted Kevin Chang, an analyst of Citigroup Global Markets, as indicating.

They argue that Apple partners have already begun to deliver new components to manufacturers of the tablet and by March we should have the tablet available in stores. Since Apple prepares the iPad 3 launch, the company reduces stocks of components for the iPad 2 and in the first quarter of the year will reduce the number of products manufactured to clear their stocks before the new product launch.

The scenario presented by DigiTimes is consistent with the Apple made last year and a launch in March is very possible. From iPad 3 a lot of people expect Retina Display, more subtle forms and can more easily, a quad-core and an change iOS. I recommend you to not expect too much from the new tablet to not get a new disappointment on the part of Apple.

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Dec 04

If you have a portable product of Apple then surely you know that the battery can not be changed by you at home in any way and you have to go to an Apple store or authorized service center to change it or to change the whole device. Many people wondered the reason behind the decision not to change batteries and a patent of Apple offers some explanations in this regard.

Apple patent says that its product design is extremely important and through it users define the experience they have with a product. To provide a pleasant design and a good experience Apple has designed its products to be pleasing to the eye but useful too, and that involves giving up of certain benefits and the ability to change the battery is one of them.

Of course there is also a financial motivation because Apple wins a lot of money from the changes of products whose batteries are not good; customers are forced to pay for repairs and new batteries. The impossibility to open the product has practical reasons for Apple to ensure a certain extent that users will not damage the product when they opened and to not replace the original parts with other non-original. For each of these restrictions there is always an explanation but that of design is not very convincing for me.

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Nov 19

The iPad tablet is a mobile device, but 62% of the tablets bought by the consumers are used outdoors. The information comes from a study conducted in 15 countries on 15,000 consumers in the study did find the idea of so-called iConsumator habits. Researchers who conducted the study say that 40 million of iPad/iPad 2 was sold in 2010 and before but more than half of them are used only in the homes of consumers.

Apparently tablets are used in living room and replace personal computers without problems, at least for some users. For web browsing and watching video content the iPad tablet is perfect because it can be connected to a TV without any problems and can transmit content to it. I guess that in your case things are not much different but I’m sure you’ve removed at least once the tablet to “walk”.

I used the tablet outdoors a few times but generally I prefer to use the iPad for browsing because it’s easy to take it with me and do my job without any problems even if it has a smaller screen. At home the iPad tablet replaces the iPhone for gaming but do not replace the PC, always considering that on the computer you can work more easily.

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Sep 18

The U.S. military is one of the best equipped in the world and recently a pilot program was developed by Marines who are trying to replace the maps from airplanes and helicopters with iPad tablet. The problem lies in the fact that American pilots have tens of kilograms of cockpit maps, maps that they have to look coordinated when they are asked to attack a target.

Since it is very hard to look coordinated in such a way, a captain thought it more useful would be to use an iPad tablet that could be loaded all the maps and that would allow a much easier search and discovery of coordinates of a location.

The Marines recently took a baby step towards a more efficient future when the 3rd Aircraft Wing bought 32 iPads. The total purchase — not quite $20,000 worth of tablets and accessories, according to Defense News — was merely “a hiccup in the grand scheme of defense spending,” a former deputy G-3 for operations pointed out. But it could be a crucial advance in aerial warfare.

After a year of testing it seems that the tablet is successful and even managed to reduce, by up to 15 minutes of communication between soldiers. The only two issues that currently prevent the use of the tablets are that it uses encrypted communications equipment and that the maps loaded on the tablet are not checked by the army.

Of course the problems are minor and the U.S. military will surely find a quick way to solve the problem with Apple and soon we could see the pilots in cabins equipped with iPad tablet in helicopters or aircraft.

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Sep 02

In Q3 of 2011, Apple sold not less than 20 million of iPhone devices, a record for the company in Cupertino, record that assures the first place among the manufacturers of smartphones on worldwide. This number is has little chances to grow in Q4 of 2011 but Apple expected to sell many iPad 2 tablets to the end of September (when is ending Q4 for Apple).

Foxconn company will deliver no less than 20 million iPad tablets to Apple in Q4 of 2011, with 6 million more than originally anticipated and that although Apple only sold in Q3 of 2011 just 9 million tablets.

Apple expects to sell so many tablets in Q4 of 2011 but the ordered of the company stocks will most likely prepared for the winter holiday season when the company gets the most sales. In the conference for the presentation of the financial results for Q3 of 2011, Tim Cook said that Apple has sold all the tablets that you could take and if it had registered more sales would be higher.

Although I do not think that Apple will get even 20 million tablets and in fact will be around 15, I believe that much of this stock will be kept organized so that the winter holidays in the company have long enough units for everyone.

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