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Mar 22

As is challenged by users worldwide, the new iPad tablet seems to reveal more problems: overheating in games, trouble charging the battery, and now the problems with stability WiFi network connection.

IPad 2 users, now the owners of a fresh new series of iPad tablet accuses a weak reception of WiFi signal. Inconvenience to the edge appears mostly to the range of wireless network, but also in locations where a standard laptop or old iPad tablet 2 have any problems with signal stability. According to reports from users, the signal is affected not only stability but also transfer rates obtained, it is sometimes even four times lower than those achieved with iPad 2.

So far Apple has not commented on the issues raised by users, but given the increasing number of complaints coming in forums, you may have to do with something more than isolated incidents, occurring sporadically in the new series iPad tablet.

The new iPad 3  has trouble charging the battery too

Problems seem to appear when we use the AC adapter included with the accessories and USB 2.0 connectivity provided by some PCs.
Failure to use USB 2.0 connection for power can be easily understood if we consider the battery capacity used, 70% higher than the iPad 2. Given the large difference between the maximum energy absorbed by the battery and very low amperage current supplied via USB 2.0, it is normal charging time is very high, even exceeding the speed to download an iPad on. In these circumstances it is understandable why some users complain that the new iPad will only download when connected to a USB 2.0 port.

However, I can’t understand why Apple shipped for the new iPad only one AC power adapter (10W), while a MacBook Air with a battery that has almost the same capacity, benefits from a feeder four times stronger.

Even if the AC adapter is connected, the new iPad’s battery “is getting tired” visibly if we insist to conduct demanding activities such as games or sessions using multiple applications simultaneously. The irony is that this time we notify the battery is under load, even though it is often the opposite.

Mar 09

The new iPad was a topic of intense discussion in recent days. A lot of them refers to screen resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. Those who saw it in the flesh say that is impressive in every respect. But analysts say that Apple may have problems with them. Home detention to display the new iPad retina is related to autonomy. Although the surface is the same as the previous model, the higher number of pixels means that are required twice as many LEDs for lighting.

A larger number of LEDs involves higher consumption and Apple has almost doubled the battery capacity. This was reflected on the size and weight of the tablet. iPad manufacturer says the new model offers the same range as the iPad 2, but analysts are reluctant about this statement. Not only the screen consume more, but the chipset too, which now comes with a quad core GPU. Hopefully Apple have done well calculations in terms of consumption.

Another problem with iPad’s screen 3 is availability. If the device will have the same success as previous models, it is possible that display manufacturers can not face the demand. The technology for these panels is the next generation and there are few plants able to produce. We shall see how things will be in the second half of March, when new iPad will enter the market.

Dec 23

If the name of iPhone 4S has not convinced you that would be connected with a tribute of Apple to Steve Jobs maybe the launch of iPad 3 on February 24, when Steve Jobs would have celebrated his birthday, would give you to understand that Apple did not forget his famous founder.

Of course it’s just a rumor now that probably was born in the mind of a journalist from Taiwan but that does not mean that this rumour can not be true. Last year iPad 2 was announced on 2 March, a week after the Steve Jobs birthday so, would not be so unusual that this year things happen a little faster, all in the memory of the legendary CEO.

Because it is a new gadget, it is taking time for makers in the supply chain to raise their yield rates. The sources said all OEM and ODM makers have exercised great caution in ensuring the smooth operations of their production lines.

Even if iPad 3 will not be announced then, we see presented to a conference in early Apple in March. iPad 3 could have Retina Display, could be thinner and may come equipped with a quad-core but yet all this information are simple rumors so take them with a large dose of pessimism.

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Dec 14

According to the recent rumors regarding the launch of three of new iPad 3 tablet in the evening past those from DigiTimes announced that iPad 3 will be available on the market in next 3-4 months.

Meanwhile, Foxconn Electronics will begin to produce the next-generation iPads in January and to ramp up the production volume starting February, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report, which quoted Kevin Chang, an analyst of Citigroup Global Markets, as indicating.

They argue that Apple partners have already begun to deliver new components to manufacturers of the tablet and by March we should have the tablet available in stores. Since Apple prepares the iPad 3 launch, the company reduces stocks of components for the iPad 2 and in the first quarter of the year will reduce the number of products manufactured to clear their stocks before the new product launch.

The scenario presented by DigiTimes is consistent with the Apple made last year and a launch in March is very possible. From iPad 3 a lot of people expect Retina Display, more subtle forms and can more easily, a quad-core and an change iOS. I recommend you to not expect too much from the new tablet to not get a new disappointment on the part of Apple.

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Nov 24

We have information indicating that Apple would have invested $ 1 billion in equipment with which Sharp would build Retina Displays for iPad 3 and for future iPhone 5 screens. We are talking about a huge investment that Apple makes at the partners factories in the idea to assure a steady flow of screens for iPad 3 with Retina Display that will sell extremely well.

It seems that Apple has managed to get a screen with 330 pixels per inch for iPad 3, all using new technologies to produce screens. This new screen mode will not use IPS technology but IGZO, so we talk about a major change for Apple.

Besides iPad 3, it seems that Sharp will build screens for iPhone 5 but it is not known yet how these screens will show. Sharp is one of three producers of future screen for iPad 3 because Samsung and LGD have been named among the winners of contracts with one of the largest companies in the world. Of course, this time the sources of U.S. analysts can not provide exact information about Apple contracts so it could be just dust in the eyes.

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