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Sep 12

It was rumored that the iPhone 5 will be launched in the second half of October, well now we find that the iOS 5 GM could be launched before the end of September, probably in the day that Apple will hold a conference presentation of the new products.

Those from AppleInsider found that Apple partners will receive iOS 5 GM version before the end of September to install the operating system in the new iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5G devices. After installing the operating system in the device, they will be delivered in 10 – 12 days to the company’s stores in mid of the month where the official launch will take place.

If Apple will release iOS 5 GM between September 23 and 30 then the conference will take place throughout when the launch of iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5G will be scheduled on several weeks later. I knew from the last week that Apple iPhone 5 is produced by partners but without iOS 5 installed, and now we learn that iPod Touch 5G is in the same situation but the problem will be resolved over 2 weeks.

Of course everything is just about the information received by an analyst from sources inside Apple’s partner factories during the launch but it fits with everything that happened or presented so far.

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Sep 03

From this article you will find how the voice commands system works by Google available in the App Store from several years. Google gives us the opportunity to say with voice the command when we put the device  to ear and the application automatically search on the Google search engine. The system is activated automatically when the terminal is taken from the ear to allow the user to utter, simple controls and easy, just like they talk on the phone.

Apple plans to implement a similar system in iOS 5 but it will use Siri system developed by the same name acquired last year by Apple. Syria will do exactly the same things but it has some additional functions, namely to enable users to purchase online using a simple voice commands or to reserve their tickets to a movie. Apple basically wants to bring in iOS 5 what Android has for some time but Apple implement will be slightly different and will have more features.

The information about implementing of this new system come from 9to5mac who were found inside the iOS file system some information that indicates how the whole system will be implemented. Of course the implementation of a beta and a final release version is much better, but Apple would make a big step forward by implementing this system.

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Aug 20

IOS 5 beta 6 released last nights brings important news that relates with installing of applications from App Store. You know that normally when installing a new application, the App Store application is closed after we push the Install button and we are redirected to the new location of aplications in Springboard.

In iOS 5 beta 6 Apple changed things so that the installing of applications is now in the background without us left the App Store application. Basically we press the button install / update of an application, enter the password, click OK and the application is updated / installed in the background and we remain in the App Store application where we can update / install anything.

Now that I explained the theory, let’s get to the practice. Some users claim that this change occurs even in iOS 4.3.3, others say they have not met this change in iOS 5 beta 6 so it is possible to have part of a change that has to do directly with iTunes and not with the new version of iOS 5.

The process itself appeared only after the release of iOS 5 beta 6, the first who managed to install applications without being close the App Store had iOS 5 beta 6 so the system implemented by Apple in iTunes servers have direct connection with iOS 5 beta 6.

Aug 04

Only a month separates us from the official launch of iOS 5 in the App Store but Apple already approved the applications from App Store compatible with the new iOS 5. Applications developers of Camera + and Mashable have already launched the App Store updates for applications that specify that they are compatible with the new operating system.

Although Mashable it clear that the update brings compatibility with iOS 5, those of the Camera + say (in the style of Harry Potter) as the update brings compatibility with the operating system whose name must not pronounce it.

My opinion is that developers are rushing about in a month since Apple may launch at least one beta version of iOS 5 and many things can be changed. All work done now could be in vain but many users have installed iOS 5 and require developers to update their applications so perhaps what we see now is a response to demand of “the many”.

Acceptance of these applications does not mean that Apple will speed up launch of iOS 5 but if you have an application that does not work on iOS 5 can be good to look at the App Store to see if it has not been updated in time.

Aug 02

During last evening Apple has released the first beta of, a web interface that can manage the available data in our account iCloud. From icons and to the presentation of images and even one inspired by the Mail application for iPhone and it seems that Apple plans to work easier for users to understand what each part of iCloud by providing design features like the own terminal.

Web application on offers users access to Mail, Calendar, Address Book, Find My Phone and the new iWork application launched today for IOS. If you log in using an account there you will find all the information icloud of iDevice your site but unfortunately Apple only provides access to application developers for icloud IOS so even now you can login without problems soon this will not be possible. Functions are now available in only because Apple needs to add and applications for viewing pictures, applications saved the backups, documents.

Apple released tonight a new price list for iCloud, prices are very good and is an amount paid annually. All values in GB is added to the 5 GB available free for users, so we speak overall to a very good offer from those of Apple. Expanding the space available can only be made in iOS 5 at the moment.

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