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Dec 09

A few weeks ago Motorola has won in a German court a decision that may prohibit the iDevice’s sales in Europe. Well today was given a decision in respect of that application by Motorola and unfortunately the company Apple could be forced to halt sales of iDevices in Europe. Motorola claims that Apple violated two patents for 3G telecommunications standard, and virtually any iPhone or iPhone 3G tablet can be removed from the market.

Basically Motorola won the process thanks to this patent: 1010336 (B1) which is strongly related to this General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). Motorola’s victory gives them the opportunity to prohibit the Apple branch in Ireland, through that has sold iDevices in Europe, to sell iPhone/iPhone 3G in Europe. This decision is a preliminary but can be imposed by Motorola that has filed a bail of 100 million euro in the event that Apple will get a suspension of it.

Apple will certainly appeal against the decision but no one can say if can manage to postpone or ban that Motorola may impose. Apple has of course the option to change the iDevices so they do not infringe the patent of Motorola but this option could be extremely costly. Finally we will see in the coming days that will make those decisions at Apple, but the situation is far from good.

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Dec 07

Writing this article reminded me of promotions that some companies producing of games for iOS and Android it runs lately. Gameloft and EA Games have provided hundreds of games at a reduced price or even free, in some cases, for iOS platform in Android OS case things are much better. For the platform of Google, the big companies offer promotions much better and I say this because I’ve seen often games available for free on Android and available for a price in the App Store.

There is a very big difference between marketing strategy for the two platforms and at first glance it seems that the iDevice owners are provided “as bad” by these companies. When you offer some games at €0.79 on iOS but give them free Android you will take criticism on you. Unfortunately this did not happen only once but is a normal practice for major game development companies and I think in time they will have plenty to lose.

It is well known that Android handset owners do not really buy applications but owners of iDevice do, but for the different strategy between the two platforms I have another theory. Whether applications for Android are just so terrible that people would not give money on them or take advantage of available companies iDevice owners to buy applications. I do not think that applications for Android are really that bad that can not be sold, so I go on the idea that these companies profit from the fact that in the App Store is buying the applications and does not give too many free things.

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Nov 25

Those from Asymco made from the above chart that shows the monetary reserves of Apple in comparison with the companies’ values that produce mobile phones. Apple has in present 82 billion dollars available in the accounts and if we exclude Samsung, Apple could buy the rest of mobile phone manufacturers and would be left about 20 billion dollars to invest on future. Basically Apple has enough money to buy only the mobile division of Samsung or HTC, Nokia, RIM, LG, Motorola Mobility and Sony Ericsson together.

In summary, in June Apple’s cash was about 53% of the sum of competing phone vendor enterprise values. Today it’s about 61%. Excluding Samsung, Apple could buy the industry and still have $25 billion left over. This makes the claim that “Apple could buy the industry” even more believable. This analysis is mainly academic.

Of course the above chart refers only to the value of mobile divisions of the respective companies and Apple if want it could eradicate, the competition but only if those companies would be desperate enough to leave them bought at those prices. Apple has an enormous money supply and yet does not have in what to invest the money, although it would require several new factories to produce many iDevice‘s enough to meet the market demand.

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Nov 24

Find My iPhone is a free service offered by Apple that allows iDevice owners to locate their device on the map, to block it, send a message to him and remove the entire contents if it is necessary. Apple has designed this service in the idea of helping users to find a lost or a stolen iPhone, and with the application help were caught thieves, were rescued victims of aviation incident and of course found many iPhones.

The service requires that your iDevice to have GPS on all the time and have an active internet connection to allow taking orders. I can say that I do not use the application “Find My iPhone” because the battery life is pretty much affected when GPS is always kept open and I prefer to have a good range instead of always being accessible on a map.

For others the autonomy falls secondary to the security offered by “Find My iPhone”, and I wonder how good the service is. I write a few months ago an article about “Find My iPhone”, so I come with the next question: How useful is for you the service “Find My iPhone”?

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Nov 17

After a year and a half of availability, iPhone 4 showed us that is the most fragile iDevice manufactured by Apple and the iPhone 4S not differ with anything since it is built in exactly the same way as iPhone 4. Well from the issues of users Apple had something to learn and now develop new ways to make the iDevice more resistant.

We are not talking about replacing the glass case from back but we talk about some systems that should make the pieces more “resistant”. First Apple thought of a polymer material, foam or gel material that would “withdraw” when the device is close to impact, and removing the case to avoid breaking it.

Apple’s solution would have the effect of an airbag that would change the structure of the material during and after impact. Another idea of Apple’s engineers involves chemically treated glass case of our devices, chemical treatment, which should do much more “powerful” over bumps.

My opinion is that if they make from glass will break even if it is blessed in church and the only way to ensure users that will not have problems like that is mounting aluminum or hard plastic cases.

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