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Nov 04

Apple’s iCloud is a good way to synchronize multiple photos or documents on iDevice / Macs but unfortunately Apple severely limits the types of files sent between our devices. Many have wanted that iCloud to provide functionality Dropbox, this did not happen but even so icloud provides Mac owners the possibility to synchronize files and folders using the same Apple ID. In Mac OS X Lion was found that the function of sharing documents through icloud allows owners to transfer any Mac file types between two or more Macs that are logged using the same Apple ID.

What is of use is that any files put into the ~/Library/Mobile Documents folder will automatically upload to iCloud and push to any other Mac you have that is signed in to the same iCloud account and has the ‘Document & Data’ iCloud preference checked. Lion even notifies you of version conflicts and allows you to resolve them when you open the document.

The discovery was made by people from Macworld who say that any file can be transferred between Macs but does not provide details about their size, etc… Basically using this method can transfer between any Macs at great distances and to may see the early stages of a true file sharing service developed by Apple.

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Oct 19

A few weeks ago it has been questioned the issue of the new icloud and of users who have multiple Apple IDs. Basically some users of MobileMe service now have two Apple IDs that are used, both containing separate information, information which unfortunately can not be merged into the phone. When Tim Cook said that Apple is working on a method that could be joined Apple IDs but this method has not yet been released although icloud is now publicly available.

Well, even if we have nothing now, Tim Cook promises that in the near future Apple will solve the problem of union IDs, information coming from a state resident of Luxembourg who spoke on the phone with Apple CEO. The Apple union of IDs would make the opportunity to download applications from the App Store if you have any accounts in several countries and by this method would simplify enormously the life of users.

iCloud could be used on different accounts, but sharing the same information so another plus for families in which there are many iDevice owners. The big problem is that the promise until the end result will go a very long time and came from such a change would require Apple to launch a new version of iOS.

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Oct 15

At WWDC 2011 Steve Jobs has speak about the new data center of Apple’s built in North Carolina, the data center infrastructure that is behind iCloud. In 2009, Apple has promised to invest about $ 1 billion in this new data center and so far has invested three quarters of that amount according to Asymco.

750 million dollars were distributed only for building the construction and fitting the location, not including the amount and cost of purchasing servers or Azure platform that apparently would be the basis for icloud.  Unfortunately, even a few days ago we had a demonstration of how the Cupertino company’s servers can handle downloading some 5 million copies of iOS and SHSH registration for iTunes.

What this level of spending implies is that iCloud (and Siri and iTunes) are expensive. They may seem ephemeral and even trivial as services, but they require a staggering commitment few can make. Apple made that commitment and they made it early on, before the first quarter billion users were even on the horizon.

Unfortunately the demonstration gave us to understand that Apple can not yet handle with the huge traffic without a problem and with millions of users that woke up with various errors displayed by iTunes during the update. Even by investing a huge amount of money in a modern datacenter, at Apple still exists a place for improvement of existing infrastructure.

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Aug 30

Although Apple released Mac OS X Lion from a month and a half, has not forgotten the users who using OS X Snow Leopard and the 10.6.9 update will be launched soon, and will include support for iCloud service. The information about the launch of the new version of Mac OS X appears in MobileMe account management but only for those who have made the transition to iCloud. The account management menu iCloud, Apple announced that users will be able to synchronize all data with new service only after installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.9 that has not been officially released.

You will no longer be able to sync with this machine because you’ve upgraded to iCloud.

iCloud requires a computer running Mac OS X Snow Leopard v10.6.9 or later for Contacts, Calendars, and Bookmarks.

This is not the first time when Apple has published information about unreleased version of an operating system and in generally does not take long between the discovery of this information and the effective launch of an update. So far Apple tested iCloud only with Mac OS X Lion but probably engineers will “learn” from the feedback on the new operating system to develop a version of iCloud as can be good for Snow Leopard.

Aug 15

iCloud Beta 4 for Windows was released in last week with iOS 5 beta 5 and iTunes 10.5 beta 5. Here are the features of this service. The installation process is simple and typical for Apple standards. icloud works perfectly with Windows 7.

Once you have installed you will need to make a data access authentication to access icloud data account from Apple ID and once the access is made then the user will be taken to the main screen. This screen allows to logout from that account and also allows display of relative status of account and management available memory. Might be also possible the activation of iCloud icon in the Windows Statusbar. Once activated the account it will be possible also to view the photos in streaming, backup and functions access with application Find My Phone. You may also upload new files that can then be viewed on iDevice’s connected to that account.

If in your computer is installed Micrososft Outlook will be possible to synchronize your e-mail account, contacts, calendar and tasks directly from icloud. “Bookmarks” will be synchronized with the Internet Explorer and vice versa. A dedicated management online services directly from the PC with a well and structured program.