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Apr 25

First quarter wasn’t pink at all for HTC, financial results showing a decrease of income over $1 billion, while profit also decreased 3 times compared to previous periods. Well, the Taiwanese manufacturer is much more optimistic about the next period, stating that Q2 is expected to increase serious. Their predictions also mention the approximate amount of $3 billion as revenue for Q2.

And this is mainly due to terminal One series, which includes model HTC One X, review that I did some time ago, but very thin and accessibility One S and One V. In the U.S. we have the HTC One XL dual core version Snapdragon S4 with LTE quad core’s One X. So far we have first sales figures for One series, although it already has about two weeks behind in Europe and will debut soon in the U.S. through AT&T and T-Mobile .

HTC advantage is the advance they had in front of Samsung, which will present its new Galaxy S III model next week, so the bulk of sales for the One series is these days, until the new Galaxy S III will be launched. Obviously, if  Samsung product is postponed or will reach In SUA this autumn, the public will prefer to buy a HTC One, but let us not hurry and see what Samsung will announce. Until then, one thing is clear: HTC sales and profits will certainly be higher than in the first quarter of this year, a barren one for all producers.

Apr 18

HTC wanted to remind everyone that supports products Beats by Dre, company that was bought last year by the One series manufacturer. Recently there were rumors that HTC would reduce involvement of Beats technology in their audio products, with the change of its CFO.

You should know that Winston Yung, HTC CFO was replaced with Chia-Lin Chang, and rumors have emerged because Yung was an important element in HTC investment in Beats and when they move into another position, it was possible that the importance of audio segment dissapear. CEO Peter Chou has denied such rumors, saying that media speculation is unfounded and that the progress made by HTC and Beats together is clear that brands are already seen as a whole.

Notice that phones from One series have Beats branding on them and such audio technology, and this indicates that this cooperation continues without problems. A few weeks ago I was informing you that the Taiwanese phone manufacturer will not make Beats headphones bundled with its terminals and behold, before the information was true, at least for One series. It remains to see what will bring the future HTC models.

Apr 07

Taiwanese from HTC published the financial results for first quarter of this year, including a decrease of 70% of the profits, but also signs of recovery. Note that after a few quarters with good financial results, HTC began recording towards the end of 2011 marks the decline and that the lack of originality in design and new models. Now with the arrival of HTC One series I expect them to recover.

The data revealed by HTC include net income of $151 million, comparing with 500 million from the previous period. Compared to last year, revenues were about 35% lower, reaching 2.3 billion dollars. In the 4th quarter last year, HTC revenues reached 3.43 billion dollars, so it feels lower. Worth mentioning that if we look just at March of this year, HTC started to grow again, profit climbed to third from the previous, but is still lower than in 2011.

January was the worst month for HTC, which received only 565 million dollars in revenue, nearly 50% less than in January 2011. One series will mark the return of the company and pre-orders have already exceeded expectations, according to HTC officials. The public has a choice: we have an ultra terminal less than 8 mm, HTC One S, a very powerful smartphone, HTC One X with quad core CPU and an affordable phone – HTC One V. Will HTC succed to get out of the bad care? What do you think?

Jan 10

With particularly unibody design, HTC Rhyme is more than just a phone – is a complete offer. Accessories such as headphones extremely elegant wired, a docking station that turns into a clock or a music center and a symbol that tells you that you have received a call or message is more carefully studied to suit your style . Rhyme and HTC also offers a premium camera with instant trigger that makes great photos without delay and allows you to enhance your photos so that all look great. Rhyme is HTC phone that fits your lifestyle.

Simplicity is elegant genuine. HTC Rhyme is a smart and elegant. Every detail has been carefully designed to provide a unique experience and without blemish. Unibody design or extraordinary is quite different from that of other phones. HTC Rhyme is easy, slim and refined, giving it a natural elegance. The range of fashion colors, shades inspired by nature, brings style and class of your appearance, whether you’re dressing up or not.

HTC Rhyme offers a standard and optional accessories that enhance the elegant simplicity of the whole experience on this phone. Favorite music with wireless headphones extremely elegant. If you need to charge your phone, do it in style by setting it in the docking station, which turns to watch and music center. Not miss a call with HTC Rhyme Charm, which attaches to the phone and easily shines when you get a call or message.

Inspiration can come at any time. HTC Rhyme has a unique camera with instant trigger and target performance to capture memorable moments even when it happens, even in low light conditions. Burst shooting mode captures five snapshots of the same scene, so to choose the best or all, before you share them online. And add a filter Portrait mode that makes skin look smoother and more beautiful picture.

Nov 25

Those from Asymco made from the above chart that shows the monetary reserves of Apple in comparison with the companies’ values that produce mobile phones. Apple has in present 82 billion dollars available in the accounts and if we exclude Samsung, Apple could buy the rest of mobile phone manufacturers and would be left about 20 billion dollars to invest on future. Basically Apple has enough money to buy only the mobile division of Samsung or HTC, Nokia, RIM, LG, Motorola Mobility and Sony Ericsson together.

In summary, in June Apple’s cash was about 53% of the sum of competing phone vendor enterprise values. Today it’s about 61%. Excluding Samsung, Apple could buy the industry and still have $25 billion left over. This makes the claim that “Apple could buy the industry” even more believable. This analysis is mainly academic.

Of course the above chart refers only to the value of mobile divisions of the respective companies and Apple if want it could eradicate, the competition but only if those companies would be desperate enough to leave them bought at those prices. Apple has an enormous money supply and yet does not have in what to invest the money, although it would require several new factories to produce many iDevice‘s enough to meet the market demand.

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