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Jun 08

Feed Me Oil is one of the latest creations made by Chillingo. The game is among the most purchased games from AppStore this week, it has the highest score and is one of the most popular game. The strategies of the game are simple and seem to be inspired by the Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe some time ago.

It’s about a broken pipe through which oil flows and which we have to aim it towards the mouth of creatures, we have some elements that help us in this routing controlled of the oil, elements formed from the steel rail, fans that have to be positioned using creativity and inventiveness. The game is based on fluid mechanics and as the game progresses in difficulty level increases in proportion. You need to make your best to survive longer. The game can be played on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad without problems. But you need to have iOS 3.0 or a later version.

Find out more about Feed Me Oil from iTunes.